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2007 - a dream come true (Read 77 times)

Cause I CAN

    Something I wrote in my training journal - This year has come and gone too fast, I guess its true, time flies when you're having fun. It has marked a milestone in my heart because I watched one of my dreams come true. For as long as I have been apart of the games, I've wanted to win a gold in the 100/200. I guess I assumed that would classify me as a bonafide runner. I wanted to make my donor proud of me and I figured doing that would. I am not sure where I got that from but chasing after it has exploded into something that I never thought in a million years was humanly possible. I've called this year my journey because from the first mile, It has changed who I thought I was and what I thought I couldn't do. I feel like the wall I've been beating on has come down. I haven't broken any records yet and my times are still in need of improvement but I am getting there, one run at a time. I think sometimes a dream comes true in a different form than we originally wanted but turns out to be more than we asked for. Being able to run and succeed at it is what I really wanted all along, I believe I have done that. I would take everything I've done this year over a gold at the games any day...not that it would keep me from going after one anyway hehee ;o) I am not sure if my donor knows what I did or is proud of me but she has been the drive behind why I started and keeps me going when I want to quit. I like to think that she is inside of me like my own personal cheerleader. I think I did something else impossible, shut Tom and Andy up, they haven't given me any grief this year Clowning around Yeah I'd say I'm pretty proud of that! My last run for this year was 6 miles. I would love to share the total number of miles I ran all year but I didn't keep track. When I back tracked on my marathon schedule, I came up with 447 miles just from training for it.
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