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    April is here, feels like spring didn't get the memo... clear blue sunny skies here, but temps are colder than I'd like to see. March was colder than average, and snowier, for us. I'm very sick of winter, but trying to get my running back up to par. Got a total of 180 miles last month, the most since last September so that's nice!


    Anyone besides Lou running Boston?


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      Not I. I am racing an annual 10mi race this coming Sunday.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      On the road again...

        I'm not running Boston.  Someday, someday...


        Currently working an 8 week ramp back up to 30 mpw, then I'll hang there for a month or so before hitting the training cycle for a fall marathon.  Hopefully with no injuries I'll go sub 4.  It's become my white whale. Roll eyes

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


          I'm up at 0 dark thirty to go run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this morning..... i"m not really ready to run this distance

          but I will be run it and my goal is to just have fun.  Smile


          Paul, I definitely feel like you can go sub 4.


          Perry, see you there?   Sorry, too lazy to go back and look to see if it's this one or not.


          Have  good one all.  Smile

            Hello All...


            Feeling horribly out of shape. Need go get back out there. Plan on running tonight. It's almost been a year since I did much running. My main goal is to lose the weight by eating better and running a few miles at a time until I feel ready to do more. Basically I am starting over. If all goes well I'll look towards a fall race.


            Wonderful weather today. Mid 70s and sunny. Gonna get colder later in the week. But happy with this weather while we have it.


            Kimmie, how was the race?


              Yeah, how'd you do, Kimmie?


              Murphy, take heart, you'll get there. You pretty much get a lot of leeway having two little kids. Don't be hard on yourself and just get back out there.


              Our weather has been crap so far in April. We've gotten double the normal amount of snow for April (by the first weekend!) and it's been continuously colder than normal (by about 10 degrees) and I'm sick of it. So this week I'm just in a holding pattern, running 4-5 most evenings. Can't wait till I can go for outside runs at lunchtime again. *sigh* It'll come, I know...


                Murphy,   What Erika said.


                I did ok.... I was stiff and taught kindergarten the week leading up to the race, so even in my unconditioned state, I think I could've done better if the stretching had been better and time on feet hadn't been excessive.


                But all in all, nice to be there- time was 1:36.    Three years ago, I ran a 1:21.... So hard to come back.....


                Paul, I like what you wrote on FB about being even more determined to run Boston.     On Monday, I stared at the TV and cried......

                Unreal.... But we runners have an indomitable spirit, don't we?

                  I think most of you know that Harriet and I are fine, but just in case anyone is worried I haven't checked in, well here I am checking in.

                  Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                    Now that a week has passed since Boston, we're all relieved that our friends are all ok (those that I knew who were running) and in fact it seems most of the runners are ok. It's their families and friends who paid the price of being supportive and encouraging. So sad. But, I hope it's come to an end now, but there's always the thought that someone else was involved who is still out there, and more determined than ever to cause mayhem. I sure hope not.


                    Not bad for how you led up to the race, Kimmie. I'm sure there's lots of runners who would love to have that time!


                    Well, our April has continued to be about the worst weather April I can ever recall. Well, actually, the weather lately has been beautiful: this week has been clear bright and sunny. But COLD and windy!! A steady strong wind from the NE has kept windchills in the single digits a lot of days. I'm so sick of this!! But, today should be the start of some nice conditions, it was 25 when I got up today, warmest morning in many weeks.


                    The bikepaths are starting to be cleared, and there are mountains of hard pack pushed up on either side so it's like running in a topless tunnel! But, I've been out on them a couple evenings this week and will this weekend too. I've got 27 miles in already this week and that's a lot for me these days. Seems like I don't have much endurance, anything over 9 miles is a real struggle, but I'm sure it'll come back with more consistent running. Come on Spring!!