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    Wow, end of November already.  Nice relatively warm run, at 49°, this morning.

    3 miles recovery.

    Headed north of Montana to Saskatoon, SK this morning.  Looks a bit cold there, should be 11° tomorrow.  I'm more worried about the dark than the cold -- there's a nice path along the river but I doubt if it's lit.

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      Good morning you all!

      Cash, we've missed you!!   You've always been so helpful and encouraging to me.  I hope you still pop in here and post.   

      Today was a good run.    I met up with a new friend-  again only 4.5 miles, but I think I need to build back slowly.  I wouldn't say that it felt super easy but not labored like some of my previous running had been.

      It was also 48 and rainy.  bonus points?   but, I guess can't complain-  it's not 11 degrees- or what Erika has, for that matter.  Smile

      Vixi is close to 1500!   I keep checking it to see if maybe I can still do it.   Doubtful at this point. The spreadsheet says  7.8 miles a day till the end of the year.  And today was only 4.5....   got to balance it all.   Don't want to be sick of it or injured before real Boston training starts.

      When are the Boston people going to start training?  I also have the Pfitz book.  Maybe I'll take a stab at it.

      Very cool that you're getting a pacer, Bugs.   I wonder what I could do to persuade someone to pace me. Smile

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         I wonder what I could do to persuade someone to pace me. Smile



        All you had to do was show up at Veterans' Day, and you would have had a pacer (I was looking for an excuse not to race it all out) Smile


        Too bad the injury prevented that. Some other time hopefully. I suppose GW Birthday mara is too soon?

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

          Kim, I'm using December to build back up a bit, then start "real" training in January. Rotten time to be training for a marathon if you ask me... but, I've done it the past couple of years so should be able to figure it out. I'm just hoping January and February are either not too cold, or not too snowy (I can deal with one or the other, but deep cold and lots of snow is a real bummer) so I can get the solid work done. Then March is for the high miles (three 20 milers in the plan), then taper in April till the race. Let's hope the ol' body is up with the plan this time.


          One thing I noticed the other day while trudging back up the hill to home... I haven't heard a peep out of my sciatica for weeks now. It's almost strange to run without that nagging ache in my inner hip. But I'm loving it! And my foot is feeling so much better! I've taken the metatarsal pads out of my shoes and trying it that way. Seems I really needed them when the metatarsalgia was acute, but now that it's settled down into "maintenance" mode (not sure what else to call it), the pads were irritating that third metatarsal and my arch. So, now I've taken them out entirely and we'll see how that works. Will be ordering new shoes soon, too.


          How's your foot today, Pam?

            I started training a few weeks ago on the Pfitz 24/55 plan.  Actually it's not more than I would be running anyway, but I always feel more focussed when i'm running to a plan, so I tend to do the 6 month plans and run 2 marathons a year.

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              I'm looking through the pfitz book, it got a little destroyed in my basement flood. (Is that a bad sign?) I wouldn't mind trying it again, little worried about some of the mid-week longer runs in the winter with snow and cold.


              Forcing myself to rest today. My legs feel okay but feel like I didn't do a good job recovering last week, and my stunt from the previous week probably caused some micro tears. Think I will lower the mileage to the first week of pfitz plan before I end up on the bench.




                Did you say that you had an excel version of the plan?  I think you've sent it to me before, but do you mind sending it again?

                Erika- sounds good-  December building and real training in January.  I am determined to peak at the right time.  So glad that your back is feeling better.

                Perry- you are too funny.  I had no idea that I had a potential pacer that day-  bummer that my ankle was acting up.  GW marathon is the same weekend as the Myrtle Beach Marathon where I think I will just be running the half.  All these crazy ideas I had of running marathons as training runs (Disney and Myrtle Beach) are out the window. 

                New plan:  lose at least 10 pounds, get back to weight training, build a decent base and like running WAY more than I don't like it.

                This weekend is DD1 and Girls on the Run 5K... be prepared for plenty of updates this week and after the event.  I am beyond excited.  Smile

                  Beautiful run on the river in Saskatoon.  I don't think they get much daylight here.

                  6.2 miles, 51:17, 8:16/mi, AHR 156 (76% MHR)

                  Kim - re: the plan - read your messages.

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                    Sounds like you got a good plan.



                    Nice run, these GA runs you run whatever pace you feel like?


                    Spent quality time with the foam roller last night. Haven't been doing that and I'm certain that is why my legs haven't felt so good. Felt much better today. 6 miles. avg pace 9:16


                    My running partner are starting to struggle running together. She's a low mileage runner and even 40 mpw is a lot for her. We love running together, but I'm pushing her too much. She wants to XT more and I agree. She's just not recovering from our runs and even when we plan to run easy I hear her laboring. But when I told her about some of the mid-week longer runs on this pftiz schedule she thought she could run that with me as her long run. This is great for me because the weekend long runs I am fine running by myself, but 12 miles in the dark in the cold..yuck.


                      Thanks, Bugs.  GA is supposed to be relatively fast, but not getting to lactate threshold, where you feel the lactic acid buildup in your leg muscles.  I think MP+5% is about right.  I'll run anywhere from 8:00 to 8:40 and call it "GA", where my MP is "about" 8:00 (MP+5% for me is 8:24).

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                        ran 5 miles this morning... gorgeous weather-  little chilly in the beginning but warmed up nicely.

                        thanks Lou for the plan.

                        Feeling good about getting back to it.   Not sure how much is recovery from the marathon and how much is loss of fitness.   I think the older I get, the more quickly I lose it... which is kind of annoying.  Smile   Yesterday, I lifted weights for the first time in awhile and I was surprised at how weak I had gotten.   I used to lift 4-5 times a week for many years.

                        Bugs, I think that sounds like a good plan in regards to your running partner.  I have probably said this before, but i love running with others, even if it's not evenly matched.  

                          I consider "GA" pace anything in the 8:20 to 8:50 range. Probably too fast? But my two best marathons have both been about 8:21-8:22 avg pace, and I'll even do a lot of training runs at that pace. *sigh* feels like it'll take a long time to where that feels good again.


                          I usually don't like running with anyone else because then I'm always worried about pace. I do have two friends though who run about my pace, but maybe a little faster. At least I don't worry that I go too fast for them. Just hard to schedule runs together. But I do realize that what I need is someone who will run slower, and hold me to that pace. I used to run with my boss every now and then but he's too annoying. He'll knock himself out to run my pace, even when I ask him to hold it to his normal. So I'm running along, happily going faster than plan and chatting away, and he's huffing and wheezing like he's going to die. It became obvious that wasn't going to work.


                          Have fun in Saskatoooooon, Lou. I don't think I've ever been there...


                          Gym day planned for lunchtime, then a short easy run tonight. But we're having a very warm windy day today so it might be nice to get outside, even in the dark.

                            Hi, everyone.


                            You're right, Kim, I'm almost to 1500! I think last year I ran 1550 so I'm close to beating that goal too--5 more miles to 1500, hopefully I'll hit that tomorrow, and then if I just run as per the training plan I'll have run more this year than last. I did everything possible to thwart that in November but looks like I'll still squeeze it in.


                            Library sent a message that the Pfitz books isn't actually available. Harumph.


                            Erika, glad you're feeling good; I hope the new shoes continue to keep your sciatica away. I'm starting to wonder if the pain/discomfort in my knees is from needing new shoes, but they each have only about 187 miles on them, so that couldn't be it . . . could it? ('Course I mean both pairs, not both shoes . . . I don't hop or anything.)


                            I need to lose 10 pounds too, Kim. November was the worst month for me to slack off on my training.


                            Lou, be safe in the cold and dark! Just being in SC the other day, I was shocked that by 4:30 it felt like the sun was going down. It gets dark here earlier than it used to, sure, but 4:30? That's just crazy.


                            You guys are right about running partners--sometimes it's hard to get that chemistry right. When I was training for the marathon last year I did some of my long runs with a girl who had finished her first Half Ironman. She'd intended to train for a marathon too but felt so wiped after the 70.3 that she was just running to stay fit. In the end she was perfect--she'd keep me company for the first 10 to 12 miles of my really long runs, and she was a great, even pacer--we'd run about 10-minute miles together, then I felt okay bringing the pace down for the last half of the run. I'm not very good at keeping my pace steady, but with Natalie, I didn't have to watch my pace--she'd hit the same pace for miles with no effort. I'm going to miss her this year.


                            Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (Heb. 12:1b)
                            Mile by Mile


                              My RP is so distressed about trying to loose weight, and feels running high miles makes it harder which is part of the reason she wants to reduce her miles. She is VERY distraught about it. She goes on every diet and the minute off of it she puts on 10 pounds. IMO, her metabolism is screwed up from years of dieting. I know most people would have told her that she is fine and doesn't need to loose weight, but the truth is who doesn't have 5-10 pounds to loose, and to a fault, I don't say things just be nice. I suggested we keep a list of vises (french fries, pizza, etc..) and swear them off until this marathon is over. There is a reason it is called "the battle of the bulge." But I feel bad for my friend.


                              I'm going to a meeting on the Mankato Marathon tonight, they want input on how to make it a great marathon. Pizza and Beer at the end is all I need.


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                                I wish I could just run the same pace mile after mile without thinking about it, the way some people can; that seems convenient.

                                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.