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Week of 3/7/2010 (Read 207 times)

    Hey Team Blister! Wake up! Last week of Standard Time for those of us who do the switch (I think that's all of us, right?) Almost time to "spring forward" and gain that extra hour of afterwork daylight. Sorry to Lou and PDR who will be cast back into the darkness in the morning.


    I ran 20 miles in blindingly glaring conditions yesterday. High clouds made for a lot of bright reflection of all the new snow... Had to have DH bring me his sunglasses so I could see! That was strange. Got better after the clouds cleared and the sun, while still very bright on the snow, seemed to have less of a glare-effect. Very odd feeling to not be able to see... all I could do was squint, but really wanted to just stand there with my eyes closed. Bleh. Can't wait for snow to be gone!!!


    This is a cutback week for me and I'm very glad of that. 54 miles for last week, a new weekly high since last August.


      Congrats on getting 20 in, Erika


      You don't have your own sunglasses?


      For me, when I ski,  I need several different pairs of googles or glasses,  depending on how bright the sun is reflecting off the snow.   I have an orange pair, a smoke color and yellow to see in the shade or reduce glare.


      I am just getting to the point where walking doesnt hurt the calf, at least at first.   Mild pain after a 3 mile walk yesterday,  along the dirt trails of Back Bay.


        Scheduled Rest day for me...

        Wow, Erika.  I've never heard of snow blindness.

        Glad you're feeling better, Bugs.

        Where's Perry?

          Perry poked in and suggested we run to union station, last we heard from him, I think.

          Rest day for me, too.  I might run 10 tomorrow.

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

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            I was partly trying to be funny about running to an eatery -- but really, I have no food suggestions for DC except food courts -- so I threw in the two I knew about.


            I'm tapering,  b/c I've a local marathon this coming Sunday -- which I don't plan to race outright -- and then National of course the next week.


            Considering volunteering for packet pickup at National.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


              4 slow recovery miles, wonderful weather, dry ground, pure happiness.



                Glad you are feeling better Bugs.
                  Glad Bugs is feeling better, and apparently Perry has recovered from his ankle, too.  Good news.

                  Wow, sorry about the glare, Erika.  I couldn't imagine running without sunglasses with snow.  I wonder if they also provide a wind break or even keep warm air around the eyes?

                  Up at 3:15 for 10 this morning.  I guess I got up earlier than I had to as Harriet needed to get to work early and I was ready by the time she had to leave.  I allowed for 20 minutes stretching, and 10mm running, but ran at about 9mm pace.  Could have used the sleep but I was happy to drive the two of us.  Smile

                  Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                    Nice run Erika!

                    Hope to hear the calf is better soon Cash!

                    3:15 DANG Lou!! YOU ARE THE MAN!

                    Very cool about the marathon this Sunday Perry! ENJOY!

                    Glad you're feeling better Bugs!

                    Well my "food poisoning" wasn't  food poisoning. Dh is home sick with what I had and am still trying to recover from. What's weird is it hits ya a few days with low energy then BOOM fever, feel like death etc for 24-48 hours than it's a battle of trying to get your appetite back and deal with bouts of nausea.  Woke up feeling like crap this morning. Wasn't sure how my workout was going to go but I did it anyways. Figured I'd go with 6 reps of under 7:30 and work on my recovery pace.  Think I've got a handle on how to slow my recovery pace down. Do a complete stop than walk a bit then start jogging.  Anyway got 8 and change in the books for today. Had a very full day so instead of going out for my recovery run I took Kallie out for day 1 of her spring training program. She's finally in good enough shape to get back outside (that and it's getting warm enough for her).

                    Oh and it's my Son NIkkolaus's 18th Birthday.  Time sure flies!

                    Hope everyone is doing well!

                    Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson

                      18th birthday! Wow, my son turns 18 on the 26th. I agree... how the hell did that happen? Oh yeah, I kept feeding him and here we are.


                      Lou, I think the glasses really help with not only the glare, but protection from the wind. They felt so much better right away, but vision still off the rest of the day. I've got sunglasses but never wear them running because I always feel a little "off" with them. Like I can see things below the lens and above my cheek... running on trails it gets hard because you (well, I do) always feel like there's something there... uneven ground, shadows, sticks... it seems like it's playing tricks. I know, I'm weird.


                      Gym workout at lunch yesterday and today, pool run after work yesterday. I'm planning on running 5 or so after work. I hope it hasn't snowed out at our house today because the local bike path was nicely plowed Sunday night...


                        What's up Blister?

                        Glad to hear from more of you.... 

                        Perry- is that Lower Potomac?  On my to- do list... enjoy

                        Pam- yuck- get better soon and Happy Bday to your son.

                        Lou-  seems like you are coming back nicely.

                        Erika- I'm going to try the pool run one of these days.


                        Ran 8 miles in beautiful sunshine.  Tried some fartleking and tempo work... felt really good.  

                        On the road again...

                          Looks like we're off to a great week or running and weather!  For me, Ilife turned yesterday into a rest day, but got a very easy 5.6 in today.

                          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

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                            Yep, Lower Potomac - I even got mentioned on the pre-race email that just went out, cause the RD asked me to eat at the pizza place the night before and be sociable with any runners that show up. So I get to pretend to be an expert.


                            Pam feels like death and does tempos. Not surprised.


                            3:15 = insane. (or really dedicated)


                            PS: LPRM is always the morning of the time switch.  I think the RD likes to keep it that way. Last year Michael Wardian got lost and got there 15min late, and put on his backpack (he was training for that insane multiday run in North Africa, I think), and took off. It was startling, almost frightening, when he went by me (around mi 10). I didn't know who he was, or if he was even in the race -- I remember asking the people next to me, "you think that guy is running the race?"  The funny part is that we could all talk about it -- he passed almost everyone at one time or another - I think there was only one guy he didn't pass.

                            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                              Slept in until 3:50 this morning Smile because I only wanted to run 5.

                              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                                3:50 a.m.    makes me feel lazy.   Someday I'll get a real job and have to get up that early.

                                11 miles in 1:41-  roughly 9:15 pace... overcast and coolish compared to yesterday.   Great stress reliever, as always.  Glad I'm finally feeling like I'm getting into better shape... hopefully it's not too  late to still put in something respectable at Boston.