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Mr Inertia

Suspect Zero

    Good morning all.


    It's starting to get chilly. Came really close to sleeping in the morning but was able to struggle out of bed for a nice 7 mile run. Glad I did (of course). Still debating on if I should do a 5k or a 10k this weekend. Might not make that call untill I actually fill out the entry form on Saturday morning.


      Thanks for starting, Mr I -- nice run!

      I decided on the 10K Smile

      6.2 miles, 56:59, 9:13/mi, AHR 131 (67% MHR)

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


        Good for you Mr. I and Lou, too-  Mr. Consistent.

        Can't wait to hear race reports.  Gonna have to run tonight... it's a day off school but Miss Piper is sick, anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to leave the kids to go run.

        Hopefully I can squeeze it in.   And less than 2 weeks to my marathon.  I certainly hope I don't get what she has.

        It's chilly here too.  Smile

          Sorry I've been MIA so long. I've been keeping up reading the posts but I barely have time to clean my house and read to the kids once in a while, so my training's in the tank  as it is . . .


          I'll plan to come back later to read the race reports, can't wait to hear!


          Willamona, I've heard great things about Steamtown. I'm figuring I'm going to need a cooler-weather race to BQ at. When we started our long run on Saturday, we were registering 93 degrees--at 5:15. It's October, people! Ugh. Heat's got to break soon, or I'm going to! Smile


          I'll check in later.

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          On the road again...

            Vixi - the heat/humidity here Saturday took all the joy (and pace) out of my long run, too, but it wasn't 93!  Wow.

            Weather here today is great - overcast, mid 50s.  Made for a nice 5 miles of recovery.  I've got 2 more days of running before I head to India.  I actually think the time off might help.

            Hope to read some awesome reports later!

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

              I'll be doing my race report probably tomorrow.  My official time was 4:05:19. Have no complaints about the time. The marathon's a bitch and when you screw up she demands payment! Well my debt is paid!

              Got in a nice  7 mile run with Ken this morning. I don't know how it always works out that he's behind me to look at my butt and I'm never behind him to look at his however I'm going to have to remedy this soon!  I'm a tad sore but not much. More like how a lot of peeps feel after their long run. Anyway can't wait to hear how Pace and Erika did!  Hope everyone has a good holiday!

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                Hi Inertia! Good to see you around again.


                Hi Vix!


                Welcome Willa.


                Rest up Pam!


                What's with all this warm weather I hear of? Had to dig out winter gear this weekend and it is fall full color here with the treest dusted with snow. My Saturday LR was 10 miles with two other girls at 5:30 a.m.  We had a Taekwondo championsip, and family wedding on Saturday, and my one son got really sick Sunday with fever, and the two of us have just been resting today. I've got a little of it, but not knocked off my feet like he is. I have a HM trail run on Saturday, that I suspect will be moved to roads since the trail is likely muddy.


                Should we make this group public again?


                Hail to The Victors!

                  Bugs--Yeah, I think we can go public again, the only person who wanted it private is gone, right?


                  Pam!  Nice runnin, sorry to hear about the time, tho,  I know you wanted to be much faster!


                  My massage therapist suggested on Thursday that my knee problems are from my adductors carrying too much of the load because my hip flexors and quads are a little too weak.  She suggested a number of exercises to do to try to build up at least some strength there.  After three days, it feels like  there's something to that theory, with definite improvement.  


                  Surgery tomorrow, hospital just called and said surgery is at 7:30 am, and we go to the hospital at 6am.   She's really REALLY nervous.  Wonder if she'll sleep tonight?



                    Jeremy  re: knee pain-   I have heard that the stronger your quads, the less knee issues you will have... at least that's what I tell my clients.   Hope all goes well with the surgery.

                    Pam-  sounds like you have a great attitude to what may have been a frustrating experience for you... sorry that you didn't get the time that was indicative of your fitness.  Look forward to reading the report.

                    I checked on Erika's results but I'll let her tell us.  

                    Bugs-  good to hear from you... sounds like you're really enjoying running more than you were before.  That is such a good thing.   I don't know if it was the injuries but it just seemed like you were getting more and more frustrated.   Now your posts sound upbeat.    I know running with friends REALLY helps me.

                    Vixi- that's what I don't miss about Florida... but at the same time I do miss the sunshine on some days.

                    Paul-  will we hear from you in India? 

                    Doesn't look like I'm going to get a run in today-  sick child trumps running... although she seems to be on the mend, I'll keep her home again tomorrow.

                    No race report from Dave?   That new position of his is keeping him too busy.  Smile

                    Hawt and sexy

                      I vote for public!  This group has always been that way. Besides, how else are we going to get new victims people into this sad, sick addiction?


                      I did ok at Steamtown, not what I wanted but a personal course record will do. Steamtown is the best run marathon I have run.  Granted I have only done 4 different courses in a total of 8 marathons, but you really cannot go wrong with a race that consistently has more volunteers than runners any given year.  


                      I did a little over 3 miles today, just walking but better than a big fat goose egg.


                      P2R!  I missed you.  Ok, I missed lurking in this group for the last couple of years.  I am glad I found you all again.

                      I'm touching your pants.

                      Happy Camper

                        Nice races Pam and Willa!  Sorry you got sick out there on the course Pam.  Tough to run through.


                        Mine was just what I needed.  Long run and no injury.  Only one fall thanks to the root gnomes.  Heels feel bruised from the rocks but no black toes.  Montrail Hardrocks 09 have much more protection in the toes and mid-foot  than the other two pairs of trail shoes I've owned.  Smartwool is great in cold weather water crossings.  I finished the 1st 25k in 2:50.  3:48 to run the loop again.  Embarassing 6:38 for the 50k.  I'll take it though.  I ran without a cutback or taper.  I feel like Pam in the sense I only have the normal longrun aches and pain.  Big goal is next month.  I managed  8-miles this morning at recovery pace. 

                        It will be months before I eat another fig newton.    Need to try other ultra foods for sure. 

                        Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                          what happened to the person who wanted us to go private? and im fine with going public
                            Way to go Bryan!

                            I'm ok with public

                            MTA: I suggest someone with admin privileges delete the upcoming races thread (with goals) and we start a new one.

                            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                            Happy Camper


                              Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                              Happy Camper

                                We are public again.

                                Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.