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    6 miles last night. For the first time that I can remember, I fell while running. I was on the trail..pitch black and I drifted off the side right where they re-paved--so it was a steeper drop off than it normally would be. Got both knees, and my right thigh and hands. Layed there for a few and crawled around to find my dropped phone, and got back up and ran. I didnt feel too bad on the rest of the run..and it could have been alot worse. The worst is the thigh.


    Good news is running-wise I felt great--wasnt tired at all. My easy pace is still slow--but it was faster than on Tuesday.


    Erika--how are the legs? Im assuming a rest day would have helped.


      Glad you're ok, Murphy. That's why I don't like running in the dark!


      Ran 6 today, and kept it pretty easy pace for the most part. I did take Thursday off for my work trip, then ran 3.6 yesterday at lunch in the WIND, OMG it was so windy! We don't get much wind usually, but spring is the windiest time of year for us, and yesterday was a doozy with 18-20 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 40 or so. Lots of dust blowing around, had gritty teeth all afternoon. Wind advisory yesterday and ban on burning for the next few days (it's really dry, too). The odd thing, my legs got that tired achy feeling around mile 3. Just so odd.


      So today I headed down the road for a quick out-and-back. Kept the pace easy and ran the whole way (which is unusual for me, I frequently stop a few times on the way back up the hill), except for one stop .3 mile from home when a truck went by and kicked up so much dust! Bleh, couldn't breathe that stuff so waited a few seconds for it to clear, then continued home. The joys of living on a dirt road.


      Considering an 11 mile race tomorrow morning. Original forecast was for rain so I was going to skip it, but now it's looking pretty good. The Murphy Dome Roam is a loop, and you can run it either way: 3.5 miles steep uphill with 7.5 miles mostly gradual downhill, or vice versa. Most people do the first option which is what I did last year and will do again this year. Last year I squeaked in under 1:30 and would like to improve on that, but not sure I'm up for a course PR. Sure wish my quads felt better...

        enjoy your race if you choose to run it. Sounds fun.


        Woke up sore this morning from the fall. My daughter helped me out by putting her boo-boo kitty on my leg and kissing it.


        After a day of Little Gym and walking around the zoo I was beat. But was feeling guilty for not runing, so I went out and ran 6. Glad I did. I ran about 1 minute/mile faster than on the same run Thursday night. And each mile was faster than the previous. Will stretch out my long runs next week from 6 to 8 miles mid-week. And will try to get a longer run in over next weekend.


          Didn't run it. Got lazy. Hey, it was Mothers' Day so I took the liberty of sacking off. Didn't even make it out for a long run... just a little over 9 miles on Sunday. Rest Day Monday.


          Today (Tues) made it out for a 6 mile RAL, beat the rain but it was chilly out there! Can't wait till we really warm up. Heading to Juneau for work tomorrow, home mid-day Thursday. I hope to get a somewhat longer mid-week run in tomorrow night, but it'll be cool and wet most likely.

            9 miles is a long run for me....


            Just been working on getting in some consistant running--every other day so far since last Tuesday. Between 4-6 miles each time. Ran 5 on Monday - It was very humid--and I was feeling weak after 2.5 miles so I turned around--but managed to keep fairly strong and finish off at a decent pace--the last mile was my fastest.


            Will go back out tonight--planning 6--but will run what feels right. Just building up the base and slowly increasing my weekly mileage before I plan to really actually train for my next race - September 24 hour race. Once I get a few weeks of 30+ miles in, I will add in runs greater than 8 miles. I should hit 23 miles this week and 28 miles next week. The following week Im in Vegas--but I plan on squeezing in at least some miles there so I dont get stale.

            On the road again...

              I remember the days when 9 miles didn't seem long to me.  I'll get back there in time.


              For now, I'm like Murph - just staying consistent at 3-4 runs a week each one going between 3 and 4 miles.  Slow process, this getting the conditioning back, but I feel better running than I have in probably a year.

              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                9 miles is a dream for me! 


                The orthotics are helping, 3 miles, lots of stopping but it was 90F. I've switched to running in a near by dirt trail, and just love it. I'm home in two minutes and crack open an ice cold beer. 


                Volunteering at races has become my new gig. I get a free shirt, and don't have to stress about how I will/did. It has been good for me.


                On the road again...

                  I volunteered at a race for the first time last week-end.  No free shirt, but it was a blast handing out water and encouraging the runners.  I also like the fact that I drove to the top of the hill to get to the water station instead of running to it like the racers did. Big grin


                  Had a really nice 5 mile run this morning.  Cool temps made it all the better.

                  I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                    90°! Ouch... that's tough conditions. I've run in 91° just once, and here oddly enough! I wanted to experience running in 90 temps and did 6 miles. Yep, it was hard!


                    Nice to see both Bugs and Paul checking in! Bugs, glad to hear the orthotics are helping. I have toe/foot issues too and yes, it can affect the whole "chain" up to the back.


                    15.1 miles today, and my first 51 mile week since mid-April. I like to do those every now and then if I can. Next race is June 23, and "just" a 10k but a big race in our local series.


                      I got to run in the heat. Grandmas Marathon is this weekend and I secretly hope it is hot. Seems fair since it was always hot for me.


                      I have good news and bads.


                      Good News: I did a TRI this weekend. My new plan is to not train for the run, and just gut it out. It was a crazy mass start swim and the out and back bike course had 21 MPH wind. Tough! My tail bone really hurt at end of bike. Heading out of the transition, knowing I had not been running was scary. The run was HOT which was good because I could walk the first mile of 5K. I ran the last mile though and cried crossing the finishline. Cried from emotions, cried from pain, my arm hurt. I had hardly any muscle soreness days later, just the same pains. But I'm not ready to sign up for another


                      Bad News: The camp of doctors that thought I had a disease were right. I'm waiting on blood tests, and waiting to get to Mayo Clinic, but believe I have rheumatoid arthritis. I have it in knees, ankles, back, elbows, wrists and hands. It is a daily bitch. Just when I got use to the Hallux Limitus, and planning out a surgery to fix it, my body took a turn for the worst, and it was clear when the hands started to hurt. I guess it runs in my family, didn't know that. Well I'm certain I'll figure out how to get the most of this life with it. They say exercise is the best medicine for it, so I've increased exercise as seems I can exercise without any pain. 


                      My advice, run lots if you want to, don't worry about running hurting your knees. Although enjoy rest days too because now rest days hurt.


                        Let us know what the doctors come up with, bugs. Congrats on the Tri.


                        Dealing with health stuff now. as well. Been very lethargic and experiencing heart palpitations, some chest achiness, etc..etc..Went to my doc, did all sorts of blood tests--turned up nothing. Im on my last few hours of wearing a heart monitor for 2 days straight, and likely more tests tommorrow/Friday. My gut tells me its nothing more than stress/lack of sleep (and maybe an overload of caffeinated soda)..but Im insisting on going to the cardiologist to test every possibility so I can figure out whats up for sure.


                        so, no running for me this week so far. They didnt say I couldnt--but I cant shower with this thing on. I may go for an easy few miles tonight if I have the energy.

                        On the road again...

                          Congrats on the tri, Bugs, and sorry to hear the dr report.


                          I've had about 2-3 months of really consistent running, and to just make sure I push a little too hard, when my sons decided this would be the summer of Insanity (yes, it's a workout system and it is appropriately named), I decided to join in.  So my running is taking a bit of a hit (3 days/week now instead of 4) but this workout program is 6 days a week, so I'm more than making up for it.


                          In week 11 of Weight Watchers with my wife, and am down 22 pounds to date, plus haven't had a soft drink since Jan 31.  All in all, I'm trying to work the nutrition side of this equation with more intentionality than ever before.  We'll see in the fall races if it helped.


                          Here's to a hot summer of running (which, unlike Bugs, I hate).

                          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                            Murphy, Maybe we should car pool to Mayo? Hang in there.


                            Paul, 22 pounds that is awesome. Need to loose a few myself, less weight on the knees.


                            I've decided to be one of those crazy people that does events despite disease. I got a goal of doing the Mankato Half Marathon, some sort of run/walk. Last time I ran it was a PR, this time I want to be under 3 hours.. Smile T