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2011 Goals (Read 129 times)

    Its that time of year again! Post your goals if you wish, and update your progress.

      2011 Goals in order of priority.


      1. Consistency - 12 months of  100+ miles

      2. Marathon PR - Goal race Flying Pig May 1 2011

      2. 2000 miles for the year

      3 Run the marathon in under 5:00:00 - Been a goal since I started running marathons--I havent trained enough in the past to accomplish this.

      4. 5k PR - Under 24:00 - Ran a couple 5ks last year--and did well vs the fields. Want to improve.

      5. Northcoast 24 - Keep moving - Run at least 2 miles every hour. No long breaks.

        As you didn't say running goals, I'm going to sneak an additional one in there:


        1. Run the Olathe Marathon (April) in under 4 hours, and not hate it  (requires me to learn about pacing)

        2. Run at least one more marathon

        3. Improve overall muscle tone and strength

        4. Run every day - I'm on day 15, figured it would be something fun to try

        5. Run a 5k in 21 minutes

          Great goals. Lots of debate on runningahead on streaking. I think it can help get you out the door and avoid having 1 off day turn into 2 then 3, etc. There is a mile a day group for streakers if you havent joined.

            I had joined that group.  The graph they have, showing everyone's streaks is really cool.


            I'm only a few weeks in, but am absolutely amazed at how less sore my legs are from running every day than having 1 or 2 days a week off.  I've always been an advocate of a short (3mi) slow run and a long stretch as a means for recovery, as it's always better for me than to take the time off.  But, I've still been surprised at how easy running every day has been.  You watch me have a day off now...