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    Wow, Team Blister is taking a break?


    I got all my runs in last week. It was a challenge, but got it done. 10 miles on the treadmill on Wednesday morning felt hard (and hot!) but it was raining and blowing hard with ice and slush all over. Yuk, no way was I going out in that. Back home Wednesday night, and the bottom has fallen out of our thermometer! We've been setting cold weather records all over the place. I ran outside for a little over half my run on Saturday, finishing on the treadmill for 10 total. Sunday's run was 7.5 miles outside and 12.6 miles on the treadmill for 20.1 total. Now it's taper time! Yay!


    Here's me at mile 6.8 yesterday, when DH showed up with a mug of hot tea and honey. I bailed less than a mile later and got a ride back to the house. It was -19 where this was taken, had been down on the hay field roads earlier and it was colder than -20 down there!

    Happy Camper

      Awesome picture Erika!  Can't imagine running that cold.  The coldest temperature I've ever been in was -14F and it took from Davenport, IA to Des Moines to fully defrost the front windshield. 


      Back from deer camp.  I'll have a full freezer as I took 3 during the week.  Had time to run a little too which was nice.  Typical hunting is sitting 2,3,4 even 5 hours for about 30 seconds of opportunity.  Love my Ruger Mini 30.  Smile

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        I was shivering on Saturday morning when it dropped below 40F. I'll hoping to happily to never experience sub-0F this winter.


        I ran my 50M on Saturday, for which I've been training for months (MCM was my last training run). I ate a variety of stuff of the great aid station tables, and took salt tablets where they had them, and even took S-caps once -- because one aid station was giving them away too.


        I ran it with a running friend, and the companionship really helped.


        I'm enjoying the feeling of having accomplished it (my second 50 - the same one I did last year as my first), and also the freedom of not having any training goals at all at the moment. (Will probably start marathon training for the spring, but not yet fully committed and not worrying about it at all yet.)

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          Awesome job, Perry! I love reading your comments in your log. At first I was wondering if it was the JFK50, which a couple of my friends ran last weekend.


          Still cold here. Will go to the gym at lunch again, then run on the treadmill after work and some shopping for T-day.

            I can't imagine 50 miles, although my some-time running partner ran JFK50 with a couple of others from the local running club.  Maybe that's the way to do it, stay together with one or more folks who run about the same pace.  It made me think I could have run with them, but I remember thinking during my last marathon a couple of Sundays ago that I would never want to run longer than 26.2.


            Nice picture, Ek.  Smile

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              Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Nice 7-miler in bright sunshine this morning.  Hour walk with Max post meal.  Great day with the family!

              Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                Happy Thanksgiving!  


                Enjoying the day off with DD2 and DDF (fiance).  Harriet and I ran into Frederick this morning (about 6 miles) and met them for breakfast.

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                  Hope you guys all had a good Thanksgiving. We went to dinner at my brother's house. They did the turkey and my mom and I did the rest. Works out well, but we don't get any turkey leftovers. Sad


                  9.2 miles yesterday before dinner prep, about 15° warmer than last Sunday but it still felt chilly at -5°F. Nice to get outside though. Today's run was 5.5 on the treadmill while the chicken stock simmers away on the stove. The thing I love about winter here is I get my outdoor cooler/freezer back. I can chill this stock on the deck, and then freeze it in individual containers later without making my freezer do any of the work.


                  I'll try to get outside for Sunday's run, but I can see doing Saturday's 8 miler on the treadmill with some half mile repeats to serve as speedwork. After Sunday, my next outdoor runs will be in shorts!! Woohoo!


                    Hey there everyone!  I think i've gotten out of the habit of coming here to check in.   I hope Team Blister doesn't go away.  Smile


                    Erika-  I love it when you post pictures.  It just inspires me so much-   stop my bellyaching about running in the cold.  


                    tomorrow, I have a 15K race called Run for Hot Chocolate.   Should be fun.... First time running this event and it's in DC, in a pretty area.  I don't really have a time goal.  I've heard it's crowded, so I'm not holding my breath on being able to run a fast (ish)  time for me.


                    I don't think I remember what everyone's next race is....


                    Anyone heard from Paul, Dave, Pam or Bugs?