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    Hey everyone!   Thanks for the encouragement after Thursday night's run...  I am actually thinking I was just stiff and sore... plus the heat.

    Friday I took the day off and did yoga instead and could literally hear my body creaking at the beginning.... great sign that I need to do more yoga, more often.  But Today, for the long run, I did great!  I ran 20 miles (might have been 19.5) in 2:48.  It was definitely hot and humid but I was happy to be able to push it at the end.  I even kept pace with the faster people the whole time again.  So, I'm hoping this pays off.


    Too bad you have to deal with smoky conditions but always do a great job of getting your runs in on the treadmill.

    Let us know about the race.  What's the distance?


    the Ragnar is a relay like the one I did in April.   And I hear about feeling like you lost weight during a hot and sweaty run... then I proceed to eat like crazy all day.  good job on your 8 miler.


    since you have kids, I'm sure you've seen Finding Nemo... remember when Dory sings "Just keep swimming...."  ?

    Just keep running, just keep running.... Smile  You'll be back to your old self in no time.  I'm impressed that you've lost weight while not running.  Even though I eat like a fiend on long run days, I fear that I would put weight on if I cut back on my running.


    nice job on the 12 miler!!   And you're away with some kids, right?  That's doubly impressive that you're getting your running in.   Low humidity is the best.

    Yay Bryan!!!!!!  Smile

    Feel better, Lou.

      Thanks, Kimmie.  Nice run!

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

        Kimmie, that was an awesome run! You did great with the conditions, heck even "without" the conditions you did great. My race was an 8k, and yes it was postponed to Aug. 23. So, I came home and ran my 10 miles on the treadmill. Ugh. Actually, it wasn't so bad. Ran the first 5 miles @ 8:50, next 3 @ 8:34, then the last 2.4 at 8:20 for an average of 8:39. Felt just fine. Then I went up the hill (as in, huge hill) to go berry picking. The smoke is really deep, and I heard it was at least 3,000 ft. I believe it, because I was up at almost 2,600 feet and it was still smoky up there, although not as bad as down in the valley. I picked about 1.5 gallons of blueberries! Yum, they're beautiful!

        It was still smoky up there though, this is looking north

        But the rewards up there are worth it! Here's the first bucket I got...


          Those berries look awesome, Erika.

          Your "first" bucket.  Geeze.  Makes me wish I was a bear.

          Great run, Kim.  I didn't do the math on your pace but that sounds like an awfully strong long run.

          4 mile bike ride last night with the family so it was more like 8 pulling DD4.  DW loves the new bike so I'm hoping that will become a regular part of our routine (at least until the weather gets bad).

          My legs are a bit weary so I don't think I'll go more than 6 today.  Work is turning into exactly what I expected with weekend blackberry email and phone calls and travel kicking up again as soon as next week.  Will really have to focus to get in the miles but that's what I have you guys for .

          Wonder how Jelly did on her marathon this weekend.

          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

            Nice to see you running, Dave.  I want blueberries!  We have a blueberry bush but it only throws off about 5 fruits every week or so.  Not very productive yet.

            I slogged through 9 of a planned 13 today.  I'm still not feeling quite 100% so I didn't have much energy.

            9.2 miles, 1:24:34, 9:15/mi, AHR 149 (76% MHR)

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

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              I can eat a handful or two of blueberries for a snack, but that's a LOT of handfuls...


              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.



                Ragnar, is the Ragnar Relay. 205 miles covered by 12 runners.



                Awesome 20. Did yoga myself today, and it was intense, both the stretching and the strength part of it. I think it's good for everyone.



                Hope that fire is out soon. Luckily MN is good and wet this year, which means we can have a camp fire this year...which are sometimes banded.



                I hope the family stays motivated to keep biking. I would love it if my family wanted to all bike together.


                I had a nice 15 mile run avg pace 9:15 yesterday. It felt so good, no injury issues, able to really stretch the legs and a hard run, but not feeding beaten. Extra tired around mile 10 (been a tough week of training for me) and I didn't know if I'd get to 15. Then just as I turned on another trail back to the Y (where most runners run from) there was another girl runner. I paced off her for a good mile, didn't want to think I was stocking her, so I ran up beside her and introduced myself. We finished the run together, last mile 8:20. She is new in town, and training for the Twin Cities Marathon and we're going to run together again.



                  How nice to meet a new running partner, Bugs.

                  All of you guys are running such great mileage and long runs, it makes my lost fitness even worse.

                  8.5 today in some fairly warm weather.  New route with some pretty tough hills and a very nice stretch on one of the main fitness trails in town.  Getting to and from the fitness trail is tough going but the trail itself couldn't be much nicer.  Wide, converted railroad bed along a creek.  

                  On the way into my subdivision some kids drove by in a minivan with the side door open and screamed at me.  Not at my best, I yelled back, gave them a one finger salute and asked them to wait at the next stop sign so we could "discuss it".  They decided against the discussion.  Pricks.

                  I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                    I don't blame you, Dave.  I hate it when idjuts yell stuff at me or my wife when we run.

                    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                      Good job, Bugs! How cool to have met a new RP and it sounds like she runs a good pace. That's great.

                      What I hate is when I'm running along and some jerk drives by and honks at me. Startles the crap out of me! Hate that. 

                      Glad you're back out on the road, Lou. I hate being sick and yes it's hard to run with a bad stomach. 

                      Still too smoky to run outside safely, so I was stuck with running my 20 miler on the treadmill. First 15 miles at 8:50 pace, last 5.2 at 8:34. That's as much of a "fast finish" long run as I could handle on it. Music mixes made by a masters runner who mainly posts in Kickrunners, Solarmix 6 and 8 (my faves) got me through most of it, and the last couple of miles I had Solarmix 2 on. Had to play mind games for this run. I did have a route planned out so every mile or so I thought of where I'd be if I were running outside. *sigh* Glad that's done.

                      This week came to 60.3 miles, my longest mileage week ever! I think the most was 57.5 or something before this. That's cool.


                        Congrats on the record mileage week, Erika.  I'm just hoping to get back over 30

                        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


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                          I went to Reports, and I like how HuskerB has a 5.1mi run logged as taking 53 hours, really making for an amazing pace average -- talk about taking it easy Smile

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.