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January 2012 (Read 239 times)


    Well, Paul, we missed you. I was wondering about the idiot run (saw it on FB) Erika, please hang in there. I can imagine winters are tough there. I ran a half this morning but it was .8 short. So, I was happy with my 1:49 until I knew how short the course was. But, I am happy with a 16 mile run ( warmup and cool down ) Have a good one all!

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      I've been staying away from DC races - including staying away from the hot chocolate and cloud half -- and been happy I've stayed away from them. But I volunteered to possibly pace at National, and I need to send in my choices for pace soon.


      I had great workouts last week, and a long run yesterday with additional runs earlier and later that day -- several local events, including a local polar plunge. We had fabulous weather for the polar plunge - it hit mid-50s, which is pretty fabulous for mid-January and getting in cold water -- plus we had a nice sunny day.


      Paul, it seems like you can't be that out of shape if you can go do 19 miles involving a mountain!?

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        Didnt plan on going out today..but it is 52 and fairly sunny. Got in a good 3 miles at lunch.


        Last week was a bust. S*it hit the fan at work and a 9 month old with insomnia. Just couldnt get myself out the door to run. I need to get more resourseful to get these miles in. He's starting to sleep better hopefully I can get a few miles in tonight.


        Think I may do a local 1/2 marathon in March. Ive done the 15k at this event in the past, and its really well organized and is the biggest race around here other than the Pig.


        We have some good mileage for alot of you. 5 over 50 miles last week. Good job!


          I was thinking the same thing.... running 19 miles up a mountain must mean that you're in shape.... 



          I'm debating on something... want to help?   Once again, my training has been crappy and my marathon is coming up on 3/17....  I have a few choices.... 1.  See what I can still do for training runs and attempt to run it in a somewhat decent time   2.  Use it as a training run for a May marathon that's around here  3.  Not run it at all (I don't think switching to the half is an option)  4.  Run it really slow and for fun.


          Not sure... I wanted to get motivated this time around but I'm stuck in a negative cycle....  What do you guys think?


          Part of my hesitation is that the May race is run on the C/O Canal, which is rocks... could be good, because it's flat, but could be bad because my legs may take a beating with the gravel... plus, beautiful but possibly boring too-  just trail- out and back, I think.  ( I bet Perry knows)

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            I don't know what marathon is on the C&O canal. I only know what two 50-milers go on it, in November Smile

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.




              This is the link to the Potomac Marathon, Perry.... I think it's new?  May 6th.     What does a 50 miler on the C/O canal do to your legs? 



              Oh, and Murphy, hang in there with getting all of your running in.  It's hard when they're little-  I think it's especially harder for the Dads, because Moms need a break.    Mine are 11 and 8 now, and it does get easier to get your runs in.

                Mine are 17 and almost 20 and don't  bother me much at all. There is hope! Smile


                Running on that gravel on the canal reminds me of the Mayor's marathon in Anchorage where from miles 6 to 15 (I think, memory fading) you're on what they call the "Tank Trail," which is is a gravel and dirt road with sharp rocks. My feet really took a beating on that. Made the last 10 miles really hard with sore feet!


                I got in 5 miles on the treadmill after work last night, and will try to do that again tonight. We're down to only one vehicle though, with three of us needing to get around, so it makes it a bit of a challenge to get home, do the run, and get back into town to pick up DH and DS. This month is just pitiful in mileage. I don't remember the last time I had under 100 miles for a month. Actually, I think this month will be right about at 75 if I can repeat that 5 mile thing tonight. Geez.


                I guess it's ok though. With my stupid ankle (which seems fine now, btw), and the consistent severe cold we've had, I did about as well as I could do. February has to be better, if only because we're gaining so much daylight every day now! Hey, it's a Leap Year this year, too.