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Week of 4/26/2010 Last Week of April! (Read 235 times)

    Woke up this morning with a badly hurting back. Was filling out my registration form and could hardly stand. Bought a stick, and that seemed to help a bit. Before I massaged it, I couldnt lean to the right at all. Now Ive applied an icy hot patch and feel like I could actually run. I will likely run with a patch on.


    Ive gotta figure out whats really going on, Im gonna find a new doctor. It hurts in the same spots as it has for the last 2 years. I can feel the knots or muscle mass or whatever it is.


    So, I have no real goal. But,


    2008 Flying Pig 1/2- 2:18:00

    PR 1/2 (First 1/2 of Dayton marathon 2:10:11)


    I'd like to do better than I did in 2008, if the back is better. If my back is still giving me trouble, Id just like to finish.


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      Up to 5 inches of rain starting tonight. And it hasnt started yet.

      Hail to The Victors!

        Yeah, Murph, the forecasters aren't having any mercy on you guys.  5 inches and those temps, sheesh.  Looks like some rain here tomorrow morning at race time, but not as brutal as that, that looks just nasty.  Go get em tomorrow!  Hope your back holds up!


        Working on the race plan for the next 5 weeks before my next big race (Dexter Ann Arbor Half), and I'm wondering how the hell I managed to run the PR that I did 6 years ago on the lack of training I had run at the time (about 40ish miles per week).  I haven't come within a minute of that time in the 6 years since. 

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          Congrats on some great times and PRs. Condolences on the pouring rain.


          Hope Lou & PDR didn't get hurt by the heat. I had a really fun time doing double long today, but I did get tingly and almost fainted at the end, and paramedics looked at me.


          Moral: Eat a significant lunch between morning and afternoon long runs. Consider salt, electrolytes, or e-caps or equivalent for long runs in the sun. Lisa Smith-Batchen told me that she does one salt tablet an hour and recommended it to me; I had the pleasure and honor of running a bit with her this afternoon - that was fun and neat.


          DW came out and ran just before midnight with me so I could accomplish my birthday run today -- as many miles as years. I'm thrilled to have accomplished it today. Also, I ran almost as many miles today as Lisa did -- although she is doing her 50 miles almost every day right now Smile

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            Happy birthday, Perry!  Wow, as many miles as years -- that's a lot of miles Smile

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

              No way am I going to run 53 miles today or any other birthday Smile

              Half was 1:52:53 (unofficial), a PW.  But I have no problem with that given my current conditioning and the heat.

              When I saw the HR hitting 170, and with the associated "feel", I decided to pull back some.

              13.2 miles, 1:52:53, 8:34/mi, AHR 171 (83% MHR)

              13@8:35(170), 0.17@7:57(188)

              all splits:

              1 - 7:32(152)

              2 - 7:42(165)

              3 - 7:56(169)

              4 - 7:52(169)

              5 - 8:15(172)

              6 - 8:25(172)

              7 - 8:35(170)

              8 - 8:50(170)

              9 - 9:02(170)

              10 - 9:26(169)

              11 - 9:22(170)

              12 - 9:14(172)

              13 - 9:20(176)

              14 - 1:23(188) [0.17=7:57]

              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                Great run Lou in hot conditions~

                Happy Birthday to both you and Perry!    Sorry I didn't catch this on FB.   I will most likely never run my age in miles on a single day.  Wink



                  Happy Birthday, you are really a crazy man.. how the hell you run all those miles? you are amazing.



                  Happy Birthday. Two birthdays on Team Blister, what are the odds. Nice race considering the conditions. Hamstring feeling better?


                  Do you guys ever have on leg sore and the other not? It has been my right leg, but after yesterday's race my left leg is seriously sore and my right feels good. I'm hoping this is a sign that whatever was making the right leg work harder, now the left is catching up. I'm so sore today. I did a P90x arm workout and biked with my son.


                    Hi all.


                    The weather was slightly better than anticipated. It was a downpour pre-race though. So I was soaked. It was pretty light rain for much of the race, with a few periods of driving rain. The wind wasnt as bad as expected.


                    Not sure of my time. My watch wasnt properly charged. So not sure how long it took me to cross the line. I struggled--but wont blame my back--it was more my lack of conditioning with the hills. I was a little cautious. But even if my back was fine I wouldnt have hit my goal.

                    Hail to The Victors!

                      Nice work everyone!  Looks like a good weekend of racing even with the weird weather that we're all having! 


                      19:00.3 in my 5K today, just missed sub 19.  22 second PR, and pretty much everything that I wanted the race to be.  Took off at the halfway point and pretty much ran motivated (ok, scared that I was going to get caught) for the last half of the race to take the PR.  I'm excited now, and getting motivated thinking about what the summer racing season is going to bring.