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    L - hope you get some fun grandkid times, and some running in - should be nice weather out there, right?


    Yeah, almost too warm.  We're essentially in the desert, so it gets pretty cool at night (now 36°F at 5:40am) but getting to mid 70's during the day.  First day were were here it hit 79°.  I'm going to have to shift my runs later though because Harriet and I won't be able to run at the same time during the week -- we'll see the impact as I can't run as fast in the warm, especially speed work.

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      Hey Everybody!



      Lou, so awesome that you can do that....  I know you and Harriet will enjoy!


      I've been sporadically checking in and reading up.     Sounds like everyone is doing well.   I went to the Dr. last week and he said run every other day, 3 miles only, so I've been doing that.  It feels yucky to run so short, but i'm trying to stay injury free.   My left achilles is still thick....(anyone have this?)   And I just want to be all the way back to normal.   I've signed up for a half the first week of June, so I hope that's enough time to slowly build up the miles.   I think it is....


      Erika, I was just reading my Boston race report from 2010 and remembering how fun it was to meet you and Holly and to see Lou and all of those other masters.   I hope I can see you all at another one someday.... my dream is to get back to shape and qualify again.


      Speaking of other health related matters, my hubby has just lost 35 pounds and still losing.  Yay!  Smile   I am attempting to go along with him but the weight isn't coming off of me as quickly.... i've lost 7 pounds and hope to lose about 15 more.


      Hi to Paul and Perry and Jelly and Bugs and Dave (if he still checks in here)


      Hi to all of the new people, too!  Smile  Hope you can continue to check in.


        Hi Kimmie! Yes, take it easy on getting back to it after an achilles injury. I had that a few years ago and pool running was the best thing for it. And yes, mine felt "thick" for several months after I got back to running, and I iced it as a precautionary measure quite a bit. It got to a point where I realized I hadn't even thought of it for awhile, so knew then it was all healed up. Takes time, though. (And huge congrats to your DH for the weight loss, and you too! While it is annoying how men seem to lose weight easier than women, you're still doing great!)


        Have fun, Lou! I figure that's gotta be a culture shock of some sort though, to go from being just you and H with a cat, to taking care of a 3-month old! Enjoy the heat though, sounds like it's chilly back East!


        Cold as snot here, this weekend is going to suck. I'll be wearing out my treadmill this winter, for sure. Lows forecast in the -40° to -50°F range this weekend. Happily though, it will warm up a bit just in time for Monday and going back to work. Gotta love it. I haven't been running as much as I'd like, partly due to the cold but a lot of it is work related and trying to shake this damn cold. I was just about worthless last week but on the mend now. Did 6.1 miles with some good interval work last night and hope for a few more miles tonight, but will keep it easy.

          My left achilles is still thick....(anyone have this?)   


          Hi, Kimmie!


          Both of my achilles have a thick knot, about ankle high, sometimes painful to the touch after running.  Just checked and they're not so bad now.


          We just got back from a weekend "off".  We went to Joshua Tree National Park, did a short hike and a ranger guided tour of Bill Keys' ranch , then 18 miles mostly together this morning.  Harriet sent me off on the last couple of miles.


          Long, unrelenting hills there, but we avoided the worst of it, I think.  Used the RA course mapper, but didn't realize we were headed off into sand roads, and one of the mapped roads wasn't really obvious (I thought I saw it, but we didn't take that one), so we improvised.  It's all good.

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            Erika, I expect to see you when you add MN to the collection.


            KImmie, it is scar tissue, just like with skin scar tissue it is thicker than normally and tougher. Give it time, and keep stretching.


            Lou, would like to see some pictures of your trip, and grandson.


            Perry, glad you are running strong.


            hope everyone is feeling better, this flu season the worst


            Check my logs, doing good. Started the new year with a crazy plan of cold baths twice a day. Torture, but not harder than being a runner who lives in Alaska Right?  Docs call this neuropathy or fibro say there is not a medicine that helps and I am not in pain enough for stronger meds. Doc said pick your diagnose, there is no cure, try antidepressents to cover up the pain. they really have no clue. I am on my own.  So colds baths it is. I feel good 80% of the time. When I hurt it feels like burning under the skin.  I have a 10k race in may as a goal. I am registered for a half in the fall. I will do triathlons this summer. Life finds a way. OH and I need to get not-fat.


              Lou, would like to see some pictures of your trip, and grandson.


              Our grandson


              Our trip


              Thanks for helping get me off my butt to post these, Bugs.  Smile

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