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    i need to update my log..but got in about 11 miles between Tues and Wed..Wednesday a thunderstorm stopped me--Thursday it was my foot pain. Took yesterday off..and today my foot feels better than it has in weeks..I'll try to get a longer run in tonight, and if succesful will look to get some rel mileage in on Sat/Sun in preperatrion for the NC24.


    Congrats on the PR Erika!

    Happy Camper

      kick-butt sounding workout  Cash. I'd think you'd really have to watch form doing multiple reps of deadlifts using 155 for time.  I know my right shoulder could never take all of the fast lifts and body weight stuff involved in CF. 


      Hope the trainings going well for you Murphy.


      8-mile loop this morning, just into general aerobic effort.  Not bad since it was over 80F when I started.


      This evening I have the pleasure of performing my second wedding ceremony.  This time it's for a friend of my daughters;  someone I've watched grow up to become a very good person.  It's going to be a wonderful evening.

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        That's pretty neat that you got to race a handicap factor 5K like that. I've wanted to put one of those on, but haven't gotten to it -- plus it's hard to come up with a weekend that doesn't conflict with other races....


        I've never gotten to do one or see one, but I've done bike time trials that work like that, and it sounds like fun to do a running race like that. Switch up which people get to finish in the front, from the usual crew. Smile

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          Sorry about the hot weather others are having. It has been chilly here early AM, perfect running weather.


          Marathon training continues to go well. 8 miles at 8:18 pace last Wednesday. 18 miles at 8:50 pace on Saturday. After the race I stopped at a 5K to stay hi to friends and band't the race, skipping the very beginning, and very end. That was fun, then we went to the bar, more fun.


          Sore today, skipped by bike ride because I got swept away cleaning house. I really like riding bike the day after long run.


          Ragnar Relay is this weekend, always fun.



            sounds like you are doing great Bugs.    Very nice paces.



            Yes Pace,  I have the owner of the CF gym watching my form every time I lift.   That is my main concern, using bad form and getting hurt.


            I am really hoping that all the deadlifts and squats will eventually make me a faster runner.


            All the cross fit runs are short  high intensity stuff.    Have to do the distance stuff on my own.( which isn't getting done right now)