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Week of July 4, 2011 (Read 178 times)


    Nice to hear from Cash last week.


    I ran a good 13.2 mile run yesterday (Sunday) but got caught in a thunderstorm that started when I was about half mile from home. I got so totally soaked! I think it'll take a week for my shoes to dry out. We've had just far too much rain this weekend; I haven't gotten anything done out in the garden or yard!! So far today looks better, even though it rained lightly all night. The sun is peeking out every now and then and the breeze is blowing to help dry things out.


    DH and I got up and went to the gym! First time we've done a pre-breakfast workout, and we actually didn't get home till after 1:00 so I was starving when we got home. Short elliptical warmup and then 45 minutes of weights, including leg stuff. Hope I don't regret that later. I'll get out for a short run soon, and hope to have some time weeding the garden today. It's out of control.


    Happy 4th of July everyone!

      Yes, good to see Cash posting.


      Poor wet Erika!  It's been pretty dry here, with occasional late thunderstorms.  


      I've been running some -- toe is not feeling perfect but not getting worse, either, so I guess all is ok.  7 miles yesterday, and I'm going to cut it back today to 3 or 4.


      MTA: ran 3, maybe time for a day or two off now

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        oh my goodness, I'm in a month long rut here, and my thighs are showing it!



        I have the most beautiful trails near my house, but yesterday was just so flipping hot.  I need to get some consistency back, I've lost so much fitness.


          Good to see Gen posting again. I was wondering what happened to you! 


          Everyone must be busy with summer stuff; posting has been pretty light around here lately. I'm a good case in point. Seems like I go days before posting lately. I did run today though... 4.7 miles at lunch, effort was pretty easy but I kept it to the flatter bike paths. Bright sunshine made that 72° feel hotter than it was. Legs tired after 3 hours of weeding the garden yesterday...


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            I've been doing a lot of track work getting ready for our track series, and now it is here, and now I'm racing a bunch. Last night I PR'd the 3200 at our series, and tonight I went to another series (where I could be just a participant) and PR'd the 5000 and 1500. Pretty sure things can't continue to go so fabulously every week.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              Moving house was harder than I expected, I had forgotten to anticipate the full cleaning needed of our old house, not to mention the cleaning requirements of our new one.  We thought we were set by paying a fortune for a cleaning company to clean our new house, but unfortuantely they didn't do a very good job and I learned the hard way just how much mess cigarette smoking leaves on the abundant woodwork, wooden blinds, walls/ceilings, cabinets.  I've never seen anything like that, ever, come from a single wipe across something. 


              Anyway, I am very lucky to have what appears to be endless trails behind my house, I've gotten lost twice and I'm aware of 4 paths I haven't yet followed, not to mention several that I haven't run the entire length of.  For the most part the temperature is much lower, so it's a nice relief.


              I was in here a little bit, not enough to understand the times for the bike and swim legs Bugs had talked about, but I get that she far exceeded her time for the swim, which is amazing.  I'm one who fears the tri also, although I managed to overcome my fear of 800m and 1mi events, after being signed up involuntarily for a corporate thing.  Second and forth, not bad, considering I've never been fast.  You'll never get me in a pool though, that flailing wouldn't be a pretty sight. 


              Anyway you can see by my log that I've not been consistent at all, my 'long' run is around 6 miles and even then I'm slower than a 9 minute mile.  I thought I was good getting in a little 8:30 a couple of days ago, and surprised myself with a final mile of 7:15 last night.  I have it in me, somewhere, so I didn't lose my fitness completely.  Hopefully my three consecutive runs will turn into 4, and 5, and maybe even a long run past 6 miles this weekend!!


              Hopefully no one else is in my rut!  Congratulations on those times Perry, although if anyone deserves that kind of speed, it's you, you really do put in an amazing amount of effort. 

              Happy Camper

                Hot, quiet weekend here.  I've had quite the time running this week.  I've changed up my diet a bit and it has drained my normal energy.  I'm on day 5 and I'm feeling it as tough as quitting smoking.  I need to see it through because I don't know if I would ever want to go through the early stages again.  I eat as much as I care to.  All meats, vegtables, fruits and saturated fats.  No sweets, added suger or products made from grain. No potatos or legumes.  First three days were like a hangover.  I've had more energy today and yesterday.  Hope to be acclimated by the end of next week.  I've lost 4 lbs and can most feel the loss of inflamation and lack of soreness.  I don't have the power when lifting weights or the excelleration when running, however my shoulder has finally quit hurting and my legs are not as sore.  Going through a gawd awful, miny hot and humid spell last week didn't help the running either. 


                I had an unexpected suprise this morning.  Our neighbors spotted a white german shepherd loose 3 days ago and they finally caught him in a fenced back yard this morning.  We got a lead on him and he's now bathed, has eaten and is cooling off in the living room.  Quite the fellow and I don't know what to call him.  The shelter is a mile from our subdivision.  We took him there and he wasn't on the lost list.  I filled out a found report and had him scanned but no chip as well as there was no coller or tags.  No fleas but the poor fellow had plenty of ticks.  We told them at the shelter we would foster him and I haven't seen any signs posted while running in the neighborhood. He looks to be pure breed comparing him to pictures.  The shelter thought so as well.  He's a little underweight at 52 lbs but has clean teeth and trimmed nails.  Hopefully if he has been lost we can find his owners.  Otherwise I'll need a name soon because he can't go by white dog forever. 


                Raced a 4-miler last monday and did alright. 31:13.  It's 9 seconds slower than what I ran it in 2008.  Weight triaining is into the 7th week and is now part of the evening routine.  I'll work the upper body one day and then do the bone density study workout the following. Hope to keep it a steady four nights a week.  Until this week I had been going in 5-6 days per. 


                I've enjoyed reading of everyone's running, racing, tri's and moving.  I hope to stay on track with training although the races will be fewer for awhile.    I need to complete this transition to a low glycemic diet and make it a lifestyle. 

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                  Got wet yesterday too, but was a relieve from the humidity



                  Be careful.



                  You get a break when house moving. Those trails sound awesome. My house does not work well for running or biking.. Sad As far as cleaning, I cleaned a bathroom today am exhausted, said heck with the whole house.



                  Stay off the sugar. Even one day of eating sugar and you got to detox all over again.


                  Ran 15 miles of rolling hills yesterday at 9:00 min pace. Course was first half of Mankato Marathon, challenging. Much better course to train on than my normal long run routes. Saw a bum laying on street with broken leg.. called 911. Then we were all chatting after and one girl passed out.. called 911. Runner is okay, bum probably not.