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Week of 8/10 (Read 277 times)

    No baby yet -- looks like we're on the Wednesday induction plan, so I'll miss it.  PDR will go up to Boston Wednesday morning and take appropriate pictures.  I'll show her how to use the video camera today.

    Today's run was an unpleasant, very slow, 8 miles.  No energy at all.  During the run, I was thinking about what is different these days (other than the heat, which I've put up with before), and remembered this week I changed the dosage on my blood pressure medicine.  I'm going to go back to the previous dosage (this is a new medicine I've been on for only two weeks), and call the cardiologist tomorrow.  I'd planned 17 but didn't want to push it especially if I was running with extra high BP (the higher dosage didn't help, actually hurt, my resting BP, so I was planning to call the doctor tomorrow anyway).

    68-77°F, 91% humidity

    8.2 miles, 1:17:59, 9:29/mi, AHR 147 (75% MHR)

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    Hail to The Victors!

      Too bad I don't live in your area Jeremy -- you're running at nearly the speed I am, and this whole "go out fast and pick off runners all the way" sounds like fun -- I'd like to try to keep up for that strategy Smile



      Did 16mi in fairly warm weather for DW's long run today. We stopped several times by a water fountain, but she forgot to bring any gel, and she was feeling hungry and out of energy and beat by about 12mi, so it was a fairly unhappy last 4mi for her -- but she finished it, and got practice running tired Smile



      It's really nice to have the stamina to keep the ball rolling in the last half of the pace and successfully pick off the people around you.  I think you are faster than I am, Perry, I don't doubt you'd smoke me in any race right now. :-)



      41:14 on a hot day, 10th overall, got a nice beer glass for 2nd AG.   Today was 15 in the earlyish morning.  Worked out way better than I expected, happy to get it in.  Brought a little extra water along, which really made all of the difference.

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        Got a nice morning run in this morning at 0800 with an area running group at the shore (we're at a family reunion), and another RA runner came out as well. My 405 watch froze on the car drive over in the morning -- only a week old, so will send it back if can't wake it up.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


          Lou, That's exciting. Hope that baby comes out very soon.


          Anyone here ever ran the Rocket City Marathon Hunstville, AL? Looking at it for a fall marathon. Three marathons in one year would be quite the record for me. Would JellyFish or Kim would be able to make it?



            Great race, Jeremy.  Having run with both you and Perry, I have to say you guys would run great together. 


            I've fallen off the running wagon a bit but am trying to get in runs when I can.  5 in today before the heat really set in (low 90's today).


            DW still running.  She ran the first mile with me in about 10:45 before I peeled off for 4 more and she ran back for 2.  Hoping she can keep up the consistency.  I think she ran more miles than me last week. 

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.