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    Awesome Murphy! Ran a PR 5k yesterday....23:40- 2nd in AG. Great race... Here's a mini report .....overslept, got there with 5 minutes to spare- no warmup. Went out fast, thought I would regret it. Ran next to these 2 little boys....maybe 8? I kept thinking how they would zig zag and cut me off and I just wanted to get away from them( as cute as they were). Well, I would speed up and pass them and then they would pass me right back. It was kinda funny and annoying too. Smile. Finsih on an uphill, my friend passed me, and I was pushing as hard as possible. My family was right before the finish and I was focused and breathing hard. My friend placed 1st- 2 seconds in fromt of me and 3rd was 10 seconds behind me. Great fun!! Can't wait to read your report, Murphy !!

      Nice Job, Murphy! Geez... couldn't you have done another .05 miles to round it up to 64?? JK, I know they have rules about how they measure those things. Can't wait to hear more about it.


      Nice job on the 5k Kimmie. I hate running with kids who speed up, slow down, speed up, stop to walk... so on and on. Very aggravating. Sounds like these weren't too bad though?


      I ran the Equinox yesterday, and will write a pictoral race report soon and link it here. Ended up running it in 4:12:26, which is a new course PR for me (old best was 4:15:05). The weather was perfect and the day beautiful, I love it when it turns out this way! I ran a nice easy 4.1 miles today for a little over 42 miles for the week. 

        Actually I only did 63.05..I read the wrong line. Connie Gardner apparently missed the womens record by less than .1 miles..she was being pushed by other racers and did all she could.



          I'm so envious of that 5K time. I used to be so fast at 5K, not sure if it was age or weight that has me slowed down.  I know those 8 years you were racing. They have kick but no indurance.



          Gosh, Equinox already? I swear it is still August. Great job on the PR. The way you keep constanly improving is so impressive.



          Already congrats on FB but that sure is amazing what you did. What was your training like?


          Sorry I've been MIA.


          Training was going good.


          Ragnar beat me up with all the down hill. Ragnar was LONG. Girl left the lights on in MY van, van would not start. Team Captain pissie at me because a warning light was on in my van, which had nothing to do with it not starting.Did not have jumper cables. Cop jumped us.  Last runner got lost. Team Captain crying. Last runner took police car ride to finish. So tired I wanted to punch someone. Swore no more Ragnars, two days later we're planning Chicago.


          Then after Ragnar I wanted to keep up with my training schedule, so I kept running when I probably should have rested.


          I was running 20 miles two weeks ago. Calves were tight, very tight at mile 15. I should have quit. Kept running. Next day I woke up with a sore achilles. I rested for a few days and everything below the calves got stiff, and painful. I've been stretching, icing, XTing.. I know the drill well.  Thing is the more you rest, the stiff you get, thick scar tissue builds up and the more painful things get. I just need to keep moving.


          Last Sunday I was already registered for 15K. At 2.6 miles I have such a bad shin splint so I turn around to run back to start. About at start I feel pretty good so I think I should get some slow miles in. Turn around and jog towards the race, don't know this town, would like to run the race now. See a lady washing her car. I asked for a ride. She gave me a ride to where the last runner was at mile 3. Jump in behind him, and finish 6 miles at 8:20 pace. Passed many runners of course, several came and told me I had quite a strong kick at the end. Smile


          Yesterday I ran 16 miles at 10:00 pace. The slower pace sure is easier on the body. Feel okay today, achilles still a little stiff.  I think my injuries are coming around, but not where I want to be yet. Marathon is Nov 13th, but I just really want to run it feeling good, not so worried about finish time.



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            Congrats Kim on the PR!


            And Murphy on running a lotttta miles.


            And Bugs on jumping right back with 16miles. That sounds like the tightness isn't getting the better of you.


            Just saw a trivia note -- yay for us old fogies. Know what the mens masters marathon world record is? 2:03:59. Haile ran it when he was already 35, so it stands as both the men's open and the men's masters WRs.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.