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Week of 6/6/2011 (Read 230 times)


    RP ran 4 slow miles today, no pain. I have no idea if she is fine now, or will get reinjured. Got too much chlorine in my head to think about it.


    My bike time trial was slower, more wind. I'm determined to bike more, but damn I'm determined to run more and swim and I'm tired. Black eye



    sorry about the slower half. I felt similar after Fargo. Good job for getting through it though. When you're training for marathon you really take for granted how long 13 miles is don't you? Most of the trainers I know strength train more in the winter and less when running, but none run marathons, and they frown upon running lots.


    I like my legs to have more muscle on them, problem was I didn't get the muscle without eating more. I had became one of those runners that could run well (1:45 half) but was chubby. Now I'm loosing the weight I gained, but proably loosing the muscle too. Sad



      Saturday, one mile intervals at 8:00 min pace.

      Today 15 mles at 9:10 pace.

      Happy abouut both.



        Nice work on the two workouts-   15 miles?  That's awesome.


        I ran 5 short miles yesterday and felt very tight in my legs.  So, today I will try some pool running.


        Should be interesting/funny?  Smile


        Where's everybody?

        Happy Camper

          I could be bound for the pool soon too.  Haven't ran in two days.  I woke up with a tight left calf and a tight right hip Thursday morning.  Ran anyway, lifted weights Thursday evening then ran Friday morning and lifted weights again working a different muscle group.  After a four hour car trip Friday evening I was limping and have hobbled around all weekend.  Hope this doesn't knock be out  for  too long.  I have no discoloration around the ankle below the left calf so I don't think I've torn anything.  It helps to keep it elevated and throbs if I sit straight up in a chair.  There was a marathon I was thinking of doing July 2nd but now I've bailed on it.  I'm afraid I could be laid up even longer If I push it that long in hot weather. The hip comes and goes.  I'll twist or turn and the muscles will just spasm and grab. 

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