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Week of 8/16/2010 (Read 174 times)

    Murphy, how that guy handled the last week and the weigh in was impressive, but seems almost like cutting in front of someone just as you're crossing the finish line. Or worse, passing someone in the chute! Good job to you on the 33 pounds. That's awesome. Take it easy on the rebound though...

    4.1 miles at lunch, just an easy run down the trail and back.

      5.2 miles in 85 degrees.   Seemed harder than it should have.   Took Mutt Mutt for the first mile.  It was too hot for her so I brought her home and continued alone.

      On the road again...

        Paul,  I'll try to upload mine tonight.  I haven't uploaded since the big site upgrade last week.  Unfortunately, it messed up posting with my iPad too.

        We had tornado warnings and watched a wicked storm pass just north of us.  Didn't even get any rain, unfortunately.  65,000 people without power in the area though.  From the news this morning, it said more than 6.5 inches of rain in Albemarle, NC (close to you, Paul?) so that must've been some storm.


        My upload issues were because I had plugged my Garmin into a USB hub.  Once it went to the computer directly, no more trouble. I don't know why.

        Albemarle made the news????  That's crazy!  That's basically where I live, and yes, it was a crazy storm.  Lost power for about 10 hours or so, but thankfully in the middle of the night so it wasn't hot.  It rained a lot, but I'm surprised to hear 6.5 inches.  Wow.

        I'm sitting here waiting on coffee to brew so I can drink a cup before I head out for my run.  Supposed to be 11, and I sure hope it's a good one.  I need a good long run.

        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

        On the road again...

          And...I still need a good long run.  Supposed to do 11, ended up just over 8.  Temps and heat index shot up quickly, so the real feel at the beginning was about 72 and an hour and a half later it was 90 and I was toast.

          Hope everyone else has better week-end runs than I did.  I was hesitant to even log it as a long run, but I did.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

          Happy Camper

            Awesome job on the weight loss Murph. 

            Had a nice 7-miler this morning in Peyton.  I feel stronger than I did for Kirksville.  It's been a good mini taper.  It's warm for out here but nice Colorado humidity.  Got my packet yesterday.  Got banded.  You couldn't have the packet without having the band put on and the band has to stay on until you cross the finish line, drop or get pulled.  First race with that system I've been in.  No shirt either.  It's a finisher's shirt so no finish, no shirt.  Hardly any prerace swag in the bag so hope I make it back down in time for post race goodies.  Those end at 8-hours into the race.  I predicted 7-hours.  It's supposed to take a normal marathon time for the climb up and then whatever you can manage on the steep run back down.  Checked out the Barr trail head and went up it a bit.  Should be beautiful out.  Not quite as nice as today for the Ascent but still only partly cloudy and a slight chance of rain tomorrow and warm.  

            Have a great weekend everyone!

            Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


              Hi guys, I don't know where the days go. Just been so very busy. My kids are with relatives last week, and the next week at least, and still no time. I'm busy studying for a certification test. Been running, but not with any clear plan or training goals, which I'm really in need of.

              Ran the Great River Ragnar Relay this weekend. I will post in main forums.

              Will read, and be back later today!



                Hi, Bugs!!

                I posted this on FB, so might as well post it here, too:

                10.3 miles, 12:30/mi on trails. More than 50% of the run was either up 5% grade or down 5% grade (up and down 1300 feet at that grade). Ok, some of that was walking. Took only one fall. Just a scratch...

                We had a lot of fun with this!

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