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Week of October 17, 2011 (Read 162 times)

    It seems like its time to start the thread. maybe we can go monthly..

      Ran 4 miles at the indoor track @ the Y. My cold and rainy weather forced me inside. Decent run, took it easy on the corners. Seems like, in the past, I always go to fast on the track and my knees and back dont like that. I went late enough that I had it basically to myself and didnt feel obligated to try to keep up wuith any one. Another 4 planned tonight.

        I PRed during my weekend marathon  Smile


          Woot !  Congrats on your PR    AG.

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            Congratulations AG!  If it was local it was a warm day to run.  We need details!


            Getting ready for some intervals this morning. 

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              that is awesome!  I agree that we need details.


              Update on my mileage goal:  I'm at 93 for the month.   This is the most days in a row I've ever run.- 14 days, I think.  And a couple of those days, I only ran really short.   But I like running more, mostly.   Even if I don't get to 200, it will likely be the most I've ever run , or close to it.   Just a number and I won't get injured or sick in order to get to it, but it's a fun goal.


              Have a good one all!

                Congrats on the PR, AG. We need a race report!


                Keep us updated Kimmie!

                I have layed out a training plan which I will follow pretty religiously as far as my weekly mileage goes--and thought it was fairly mileage heavy--but all my months are in the 140s to 170s range. 200 is alot of miiles to get in a month.


                I've said this before and not followed through - but I really expect to get to my next marathon fully trained. I realized this week that I no longer can - or have the desire to do one untrained and slogging to a 5:30:00 or even slower finish.


                The North Coast 24 hour race opened up for 2012. I am doing that one again as well as the Flying Pig marathon in May, and possibly Columbus again depending on how all this goes.


                  Good plan, Murphy. Now make it work!


                  Hey Gen, in your log you need to change your run type to "Race" so it'll show in your personal records report. Good job on the 3:34!! What race was it? (I'm sure you told us, but it leaked out)


                  Good luck on the 200 miles, Kimmie! You need a couple of big weekends to get there, I think.


                  We got SNOW this week! Finally, and it's here to stay. Not much, but enough to make driving pretty exciting with the slick roads. I ran on my treadmill last night, first time in months, and ran 8.32 mile progression run in 1:10:00. This follows a treadmill run Tuesday morning while out of town for meetings. Already too much treadmill action this week! I did elliptical and weights at lunch, and will try to get a run in OUTSIDE tonight after work. I found my old screw shoes that are all but totally worn out, and will see how they work for another few runs before replacing them.

                    I PRed during my weekend marathon  Smile


                    Heh, I PWed on mine

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                      Gosh is the weekend over already?  Was beautiful here.  Let it warm into the low 60's and ran intervals on the trail in the sunshine.  Smile

                      Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


                        So between Gen and Lou, a couple of average marathons... Big grin


                        Weekends are always too short. I have a lot of leave accrued and if I wasn't so damn busy at work I'd take a day off here and there. But, this is a temporary thing while I'm without a director (doing two jobs), so it won't last for long.


                        10.1 miles @ 8:02 avg pace yesterday, 15.1 @ 8:11 avg today. Seems like ages since I've had a real "long run," but I guess the Equinox was just a little over a month ago. I feel like I've lost a lot of fitness since then...