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Week of 3/29/2010 (Read 237 times)

Happy Camper

    Happy Easter everyone.


    Eleven hours in the car,Saturday.  It's good to be home.  Spring is here.  Red buds, magnolia bush, pear trees and forsythia bushes are  all blooming.  Ran 12  this morning.  Faster pace and lower  heart rate. Funny how running at a much lower elevation will do that for you.  In Colorado I  would run 10 and need a nap.  Here I do 12 and I'm about to trim and mow the yard for the first time this year. 

    Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

    Hawt and sexy

      I am not a Maniac yet. A few people think I am because I know so many of the Maniacs that come up here to  Steamtown. I just support their cause really. I usually have at least one Maniac at my home for Steamtown. The hotels up here rape peeps for rooms on those nights. I  can provide an airbed bed or couch, a shower, food, and camaraderie. What else does a Maniac need really? I guess it's just my time to try and claim the yellow Maniac jersey to show I am that nuts.

      I'm touching your pants.