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    Well, I hate that, but thanks for the explanation.  Hate it played out the way it did because that doesn't seem like much of a big deal to me.  Just more proof that it's true...bad things happen in the Swamp.  

     I hate how it played out but such is life. 

    Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson


      Well geez, I had this crazy full day, started with a run in the rain that I could have used gloves it was so cold. Ran hil repeats where I just was lacking in energy. Low on water, happens when you have zero access to your kitchen; ceiling is almost done!  Then spent the entire on a tour of homes. FUN!  Came home to a messy house and an out of control inbox.


      Great job on the race. You are like me, busy Mom too busy to check elevation courses. I'm so used to people

      saying courses are hard, and they just have a few hills, that I forget some can be evil. Sounds like you ran a great race, and got good hill training in the books.


      Thought of your homemade beer today. i was at a flooring store, that oddly also had a beer brewing store, and the wood expert I needed was busy helping someone with beer talk. The sales lady said it could last for hours, and that the people that come for beer brew are so VERY happy. I laughed, and responded, "Unlike us remodelers that are a nervous wreck". She laughed. So anyway, BEER=HAPPINESS


      Great Job on the 5K. That's a pretty amazing 5K when you done all easy running. At least I think you're still doing the low heartrate training. Seems like you could easily sub 20 if or when you decide to do more speed work, which I know the 5K is not your main goal right now!

      I think maybe it was unrealistic to think keeping the group private meant everything written would be private. Even if you send out an email, it could be forwarded to lots of people, sits on a server forever, etc... Back when I was in college and email let alone forums) were not mainstream, someone told me never email, post anything that you don't want printed in the newspaper, or sent to anyone. I am guility of typing, posting what I shouldn't too.. .we're human it happens. Most of us have a primary goal and a secondary goal, we keep that primary goal to ourselves usually. When you are old like me you won't give a sh!t what anyone else thinks. Smile


      I would have been upset with what you did too, but you apologized at least, and we're a friendly group here. I sure would like to see JellyFish back here. Hope you two work it out. I also very much hope your son is feeling better. Docs take heart stuff very seriously though so I bet there on top of it.


      Glad you found out about the alergies,at least now you stay away from all those things.


        Beer=happiness haha.  I like that story.

        Shan/Pam - sorry about this.

        Kimmie - sorry it was so hilly -- I think you're right -- the course I ran today was not bad at all.  I'm still interested in other things from a marathoner's eye -- were people all carrying water?  I heard there wasn't much on the course.  How was the organization, etc?  Were the battlefields pretty?

        I may post a race report later, but suffice it to say that the story is in the splits to follow.  I planned for 3:35 (8:12/mi) and found myself going too fast for a while.  Caught myself for miles 5,6 but slipped into it again for 7-10.  Briefly thought about trying to PR, but too worried about the next race.  Reined back again until about mile 21 where I decided I didn't want to hurt myself to DNS the next one in 2 weeks.  I figured it didn't really matter if I BQ'd as I would have several other opportunities (for 2011).

        Well long story short, mile 25 was faster again, oops, and at the 25 mile marker I did a quick calculation and decided I, in fact, could BQ if I pushed it a bit.  I had plenty in the tank it seems as I feel fine now.

        26.3 miles, 3:34:35, 8:09/mi, AHR 156 (80% MHR)

        miles@pace(AHR) = 26@8:10(156), 0.32@7:06(182)

        all splits:

        1 - 7:58(140)

        2 - 8:02(150)

        3 - 8:02(151)

        4 - 8:04(154)

        5 - 8:11(159)

        6 - 8:11(160)

        7 - 7:55(158)

        8 - 8:03(159)

        9 - 8:05(158)

        10 - 8:08(156)

        11 - 8:10(156)

        12 - 8:14(153)

        13 - 8:12(153)

        14 - 8:16(153)

        15 - 8:10(154)

        16 - 8:10(155)

        17 - 8:13(155)

        18 - 8:14(155)

        19 - 8:11(158)

        20 - 8:13(157)

        21 - 8:38(155)

        22 - 8:32(156)

        23 - 8:26(156)

        24 - 8:24(156)

        25 - 8:10(159)

        26 - 7:26(169)

        27 - 2:15(182) [0.32=7:06]

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          Nice fast finish last mile!



          I went with a friend for an OWS (open water swim) yesterday -- first time since Spring -- and first off, it was tough getting in as it felt so cold (although as soon as I started swimming I forgot all about it) and second off I got tired quickly. Only went out a couple hundred meters if that, and turned around and came back, and was cold and tired. But I toweled off and put on a long-sleeve shirt for my turn kayaking, and was happy to be done.


          I mowed earlier, and came in and ate, and saw out a window that I forgot a section -- oops! -- so I'm gonna run then mow, so I don't have two shower two more times (I like to shower immediately after mowing no matter what is next --so I'll do the running first).

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            Lou is awesome. Way to go there, fren. Sorry PDR had a tough time, but she did what she needed to do. Glad to hear you guys both came through ok... concentrate on recovery these next 2 weeks, ok?

            I already posted my weekend stuff on Mr I's new weekly...


               I'm still interested in other things from a marathoner's eye -- were people all carrying water?  I heard there wasn't much on the course.  How was the organization, etc?  Were the battlefields pretty?

               I forgot to answer these...

              My friend who ran the full did wear her fuel belt and then had friends bring her water.

              The organization seemed fine to me, not sure about the full marathoners.  Minor issues like they ran out of small shirts.

              The battlefields were really pretty.  I'll ask her for more details on the full course.  Pretty much she commented on how brutal the hills were.  I did think that it was interesting that the half runs from the finish and loops around... starting 2 hours after the full.  So, as we're going downhill, the full marathoners are toughing it out up the hills.  I would find that annoying if I were running the full.  We tried to cheer all the marathoners on, though.