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Week of 7/13 (Read 211 times)


    Awesome running streak Erika!    And beer and burgers at the end of a 16 mile race?  That sounds like my kind of race.

    Ran my 10 miles today in the the middle of the afternoon with a babysitter watching the kids.  Now, that's dedication... Smile   AND I did it in the rain.    I know, should be no big deal, but it was to me.

    Tomorrow is going to have be in the middle of the day again...

    Hope you have a good weekend all.

    Happy Camper

      Good luck on the 5k today Bugs!

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        Go getem Bugs!

        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

        On the road again...

          Hope everyone that's racing this week-end does great.  I'm sure Team Blister will be represented well.

          Schedule called for a shorter long run today, which was nice.  It may have been the easiest, most relaxing 6.35 miles I've ever run.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


            sorry I missed that you were running a 5K, Bugs.  Hope it was great.

            Good job on your shorter long run, Paul.

            Yesterday was my long run- so today was a short 4 miles, with 7 planned for tomorrow.

            gorgeous outside.

              Hope you had a great 5k Bugs!!!


              Have a GREAT trail race Erika!!!


              Way to get out for your run Kimmie!!


              Sounds like some good running is going on this week!


              As for me my milage is getting back up so I tend to be quiet for the first few weeks of high milage. Not sure why that happens but it does. I'll get online come to the boards read a bit but my attention's so scattered I have a hard time replying.


              Was scheduled to run 18 this morning with my RP however she's sick. When she called this am I quickly decided I wasn't getting up and that I would get out tonight for however many miles I get.  Got a busy day ahead so we shall see. Taking youngest ds up to the Pocono's where he'll be camping out with the cub scouts for the next few days.


              Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Oh and the twins turned 8 on Friday. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Won't be long and I'll have 3 "adult" sons and 2  pre teens

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                Finally went long.  This felt pretty good.

                17.2 miles, 2:30:34, 8:47/mi, AHR 153 (78% MHR)

                miles@pace(AHR) = 5@9:11(143), 7@8:50(152), 5.15@8:19(164)

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                  Just got back from my 7 miler, that turned into 8.

                  So fun... running at 7:45 p.m.  nice and cool, sun setting towards the end, fireflies out.... loved it.  Glad I made myself go.

                  Great job on the 17 Lou!!

                  Next week, I have 20 on the schedule.


                    No 5K for me. I was short on sleep and slept 12 hours on Friday night. Took naps Saturday 7 Sunday. Ran 11 miles in the heat of the day today. Something always tightens, today it was the quads right above the knee when they ran just a little bit further than they are use to. Think I will have to build up long runs slowly. Next three weekends we are camping so long runs will have to stay right in this range. Good enough I guess, since my big goal is a 10 mile race in September. I am trying to get out of my slow easy run mode, and run some fast stuff. Hard to convice myself to run fast at 5:00 a.m during the week.


                    Kim, did you ever try the P90X? My biggest struggle is fitting both in timewise. I am trying to make the chest & back, shoulders & arms, and abs workouts a must though. I also feel it is not hard to run and do the core synergetics workout.