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    Whew.... yesterday- the sickest I've been in awhile.... really horrible. Today- a little better Maybe I'll run tomorrow, we'll see how I feel. Cash, I knew you were our Dad around here. lou, you're kind of like the uncle. Dave, annoying big brother? Big grin j/k some great running around here... Shan... why .9 miles more? Pam, you ran 18 miles in 8:52 pace and your marathon is in May and you hope to run a 3:50? You will totally crush that goal! Erika- always impressive consistency. Dave- try not to worry about the cut back in mileage... you know what happened to me. Bugs- how are you? Mr. I- I love cruise intervals
      Well, Lou, how about you're a more disciplined runner than most of us? My sin is going too fast, and sometimes too far. I wonder what I'd do with discipline if I had it... After yesterday's 10.5 mile sub-MP run, I wasn't sure what to expect today. But the sun was shining, the temps were in the mid-teens and it didn't feel like there was any or much wind (ha!). I wore a couple of shirts today, vs the one I wore yesterday, but everything else was about the same as Saturday's run. Goal was 19 miles with a lot of hills in the last third or so. I didn't care about pace and actually had my glove cuff over my Garmin so I wouldn't be checking it all the time. First 11.4 miles were pretty good... went out maybe too fast, same route as yesterday. I saw the average pace for this first part was 8:29 when I stopped at the car to get a drink and snack (oops, too fast), got a bit chilled but headed back out. Now for the hills...and a breeze that was enough to give me a bit of a chill and really made my face cold. And the hip really bothered me on the last half of this run. By mile 15, the wind had frozen my face, my hands were getting cold, my clothes were wet and I couldn't keep warm. I can recognize the signs of hypothermia when they start, and knew I wouldn't get many more miles out of this run. Headed back to the car, a mile away. With 16 miles on the clock, I had to decide what to do next. Treadmill? Hmmm, didn't really want to. Headed home, changed clothes and ran the hilly 5k route by my house, although as soon as Garmin marked 19 miles I stopped and walked. Took a looong time to warm up from this one. So, I got it done, but faded a lot at the end. What happened? Well, I did go out to fast, but I also really need to do more hills. I need to check last year's journals and see what I was doing, because at this time last year, I was cruising along on these longer runs (I think... need to check). That's the true value of keeping running logs and journals, so you can go back and see what worked and what didn't, and hopefully not keep repeating the same mistakes!! Oh, overall average for this run was 8:49, my slowest in quite awhile. After that stop where I checked my pace, all my remaining miles except one (8:32) were just under 10 m/m. I guess that's ok. According to McMillan and lots of other sites, that's what I should be doing my long runs at anyway!

        Nice job on the weekly PR Lou ! Pam, it's nice to be so into a run, that you feel like running an extra 4. Shan, yeah, since I cant hear your tone of voice, cant tell when you are joking/ sarcastic, vs real question. Little under 5 today. Knew I had to be home in time to take a shower and take g/f out to dinner. Yes I could have started earlier, but where is the fun in that? Amusing thought for the day. The company that is sponsoring the Amgen Tour of California bike race is the same company that makes EPO ( the illegal performance enhancing drug of choice for bicycle racers.)

        Oh Mighty Wing

          Shan, yeah, since I cant hear your tone of voice, cant tell when you are joking/ sarcastic, vs real question.
          Sorry, I should have included a smiley. i'll do better next time. Big grin
            Good morning! Recovery miles on tired legs this morning. A bit windy but dressed for it. We've started packing for skiing next week in Montana -- this and next week will be cutback weeks, I guess, as I probably won't get in a long run this week, and next week who knows how much running I'll be doing before a full day of skiing? 3.1 miles, 29:20, 9:22/mi, AHR 128 (64% mhr)

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