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Oh Mighty Wing

    oh my! we've been busy!! haha i'll catch up after my run! I've been running and doing well. Had another run in with creepy neighbor and so i've been scarce in the apartment, oh and my laptop died so I had to get a new one. With all of that my time on the internet is in spurts.


     So, today will be my non-race run ever.... 18 miles... that's kinda silly...

      I don't like that creepy neighbor of yours, Shan.  Do you have anyone you can complain to?  The landlord?  Is it bad enough the police should be called?

      Perry - the electrlytes in the gels and beans isn't enough I think.  Check out .  This is the product I use.  Possibly available at your local running store, but definitely available online.

      Nice run, Erika!

      Hi, VixiDu!

      I tell you, flat and cool beats hilly and hot any day Smile  I ran up past Lexington from Cambridge on the minuteman bikeway .  It really is a nice run.  I guess it was slightly uphill on the way out (only 200' "climb" over 5.5 miles which helped my pace just a bit on the way back.  I was happy to find a fountain in Lexington to refill my water bottle.

      15.2 miles, 2:08:52, 8:30/mi, AHR 143 (73% MHR)

      5@9:00(137), 5@8:30(142), 5.16@8:01(149)

      Time for a shower then eggs and sausage, yum.

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

      Oh Mighty Wing

        Yup, the landlord knows. They are working on moving me. The problem is that not all apartments are created equal here or charged equal. I have one of the lowest rent apartments. The closest 2nd floor available is 100 more than what I pay now. The manager is trying to see if they can do it for 50 more (which i can afford and not be tight). The earliest i can move would be close to the 1st of next month I think. 


        Also the manager talked to him when he came in and got him to bring up that he doesn't think i like him because i don't talk to him and she told him to leave me alone because not everyone wants to talk and if i want to talk i will. He said he would leave me alone - hopefully it will work however she agreed that we still need to get me out here. And the next time he does something they will issue an official warning. 



        18 miles... time for a shower and a nap... 

          Love the name Perry!

          Looks like some AWESOME long runs going on this weekend (congrats VIX on your first 16 miler)    

          I haven't done any hill work the past couple months Erika hence why I decided to start doing legs. However starting this next week I  should be getting 1 hillworkout a week. Dh says I better keep up with the leg workouts lol. He says eventually I'll want to start back up   again, why go through the week worth of ass pain lol. Of course if I'm doing the hill work that I should be I probably should lay off the legs.

          Anyway this weekend hasn't exactly been a nice relaxing weekend. Ken ended up working most of yesterday as well as until 3:30 in the morning. I stayed up with him until midnight or so but gave up and went to bed. For some odd reason I have a hard time sleeping if Ken isn't there. When the alarm went of this morning I SOOOOOOOOOO didn't want to get up. I think I was still half asleep when I left for my run and I sure as hell was having a hard time staying awake on the drive home. I had wanted to run at least 6 or so fast miles however I scrapped that right off the bat. I also need to bring my water bottle with me on these long runs. Other than feeling tired and dehydrated I actually enjoyed my run.

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            I have enough trouble getting up for an early run if I got a reasonable amount of sleep -- never mind if I missed the sleep.



            Didn't take water with me today -- usually I only think of it if I'm going for a "long run" -- and by mile 10 I was quite thirsty. I think actually that that helps keep me going -- I think about how good that water (or whatever) is going to taste at the end, and keep thinking about that, and the tired legs keep moving along while the brain is dreaming about the water at the end of the rainbow, I mean, run.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.