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    Perry, Nice mileage. The Team Blister stunt girl roll is taken by Shan but stunt man is open. Smile Dave, Running nice miles considering your still recovering from marathon. Long runs on Easter Sunday are hell to fit in. Pam, Glad you're feeling better. Kim, Makes you feel better my long run was 10 miles. Erika, That's a really good run. You seem to train so hard right up to the race. I'm feeling very good. The limit of one hour runs was good for my cold, and despite having a foot act up on Thursday I ran 51 miles easy. Next week I'm busy with clients and will have to skip my noon run, and will run fewer miles but put the point workouts. Saturday I have a three hour run that needs to be slow then it's time to taper for Fargo. I lost the argument on the two week taper. I probably will still be allowed to run doubles, so we'll see if it more of a taper with reducing intensity instead of mileage.


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      Perry, how about the HM next weekend out in Ashland VA. Flat and fast?
      Thanks for the idea, but am already committed to a 5K (part of a team) on Sat, and our club trail run on Sun.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      Oh Mighty Wing

        i'm home, i'm tired, and I regret not having run... woulda been good for the legs which are now stiff... oh well... i'll shake em out tomorrow!
          Welcome home, Shan. Rest day for me. What a slug. Smile

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