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Week of 2/7/2011 (Read 233 times)

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    Paul, that looks great, the speeding up at the end of a long run. Nice job.


    I'm hoping to do that tomorrow morning, if I can drag my lazy rear up early and get to the long run, and of course if my energy holds out at the end.


    I raced this morning. Went better than I imagined. My secondary goal was time, and I did very well on that, but my primary goal was to beat my series AG competitors. It's my first year in a new series 5y AG, and I wanted to start by lighting a fire under them, as this was the 2nd shortest of the series races and I do better comparatively in the shorter races. It went so well that I was hoping to get a race AG award (they're based on 10yrs, not 5, and out of everyone that raced, not just series competitors, so I wasn't sure if I'd place). Well, I placed out of the AG, which I've never done at a series race -- they gave me 1st masters. Very happily surprised. Actually I missed the award, as we were helping marshal the kids race during the OA awards, and we only got there in time for AG awards, but a friend had received my blanket (award) and gave it to us.

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


      Way cool on the award Perry !


      In triathlon we refer to your kind of people as  fastholes, even if you are really nice.


      Translation,  we slower people are jealous.

        Nice win, Perry!


        I'm taking a few days off of running, as we'll be skiing for the next few days.  I looked at the running terrain, and it is a little hilly: .  Nothing Erika wouldn't do, but it would be tough on me before a day of skiing.


        I don't know if I'll chafe or if the skiing will be enough, but I expect the latter.


        Today we'll take it easy to get our ski legs back.  Harriet isn't quite as adventurous as me (or should I say reckless?), so we'll start on the easier runs.  We may split up though for some of the skiing.  I like the steeps and bumps, and she really doesn't have fun on those.

        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

          Amores Perros, that is crazy.  Now I understand what that kind of weekly mileage gets you.  You run enough for a part time job.  Very impressive.  How does all of that translate to race times?


            And he logged another 7 miles or so before and after that he doesn't mention (18:15 for the win by the way, nicely done Perry).


            10K for me today on the treadmill although it's much warmer here today.  1 mile warmup.  5 miles @ 8:13 pace.  short cooldown.  I didn't want to lose the fitness from the west coast trip but my weekly mileage is still looking pretty anemic.  Will finish under 20 this week but better than I have been.

            I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


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              Hey Dave, at least you're running, so you're on the path.


              Thanks guys.


              Did my long run this morning. Was trails in the beginning, so my 'fast finish' plan completely fizzled. Planning to send out an email to the group saying that I think my accent may be difficult for them, and they may have misheard "fast finish" when what I actually said was "very slow tired finish". Smile


              gen76: I'm not sure what you're asking about how it translates to times. If you mean, what sort of times have I been running, you can actually search my log for race times - if you don't know how, I'll go figure it out & send you instructions (if you're curious). And of course you can use that technique to search race times for anyone here.


              PS: I looked at Lou's linked map. Little hills indeed. Pretty much a mountain.

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.