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Week of 7/11/11 (Read 222 times)

    sounds to me like he's one happy doggy, who replaces a dog that fast!  I'm glad he's in a forever home. 


    Got lost on some trails during my 12mi and ended up with 14.  Sorry I'm not up to date with what everyone else has going on, I have a 5yo impatiently wanting to get back to playing some spongebob game on this computer.



      Wow that is quite the story. Glad the dog found a good home. Do you run with the dogs?



      How was 8k? Are you running an ultra this year?


      Do any of you struggle with tired arms? I know it is related to my back and it is not a new thing, not related to swimming.  I need to get back to the weight room. A massage and lots of ice is helping back.


      16.1 miles at 9:22 pace, but I stopped my watch several times to walk. Terrible humidity here.



        Glad he found a home with you, Bryan. Is he a white shepherd?


        My 8k went well, even with the rain and head wind on the way back. It wasn't bad, but noticeable. Still managed to eek out about a 5 second PR for the distance, first in AG and 8th woman overall. I'm happy with that. Then I headed out for another 5.1 miles to meet DH at the gym where he got in his own workout, then we went home.


        Today was 17.4 miles on tired legs. Glad to get that done, but even with the longer "long run," the weekly distance was less than the week before. That's because I didn't run on Monday. I have that hilly 16.5 race next Sunday, half on trails, last half on roads, so this week I'll do some hills but run short on Saturday. Probably won't PR because with all the rain we've had, that course is bound to be muddy with lots of large mud puddles.