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    Go Bugs! 

      Go Bugs! 




      Finally cooled off enough for me to run some speed work, which I tend to avoid during the summer.  5x1k repeats with 120s jog intervals: time(HR) = 4:05(164), 4:06(168), 4:08(171), 4:16(169), 4:06(170) for 6:41/mi overall pace.  This embedded in an 8 miler.


      Less than seven weeks until Steamtown marathon.  Yikes!

      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

      Oh Mighty Wing

        +1 Bugs!!!! That's great to hear! I hope you keep on the good path. 


        Lou - nice speed work? You have a goal for Steamtown? I hear it's really nice. When is it?


        8 for me in the hills today. I'm a little sore from biking yesterday, but still felt good! I've got another 8 this weekend... I come out of that one feeling as good as I did this one. 

          Steamtown is Oct 7.  Not sure how fast I'll be able to run it -- I have been having trouble with fall marathons due to insufficient training over summers.

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

          On the road again...

            Steamtown: the race I always hear about but will probably never run. Sad


            Temps almost dipped into the 50s this morning - made for an awesome 11 mile run.

            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


              Paul, do what you want, run Steamtown. don't waste time.


              Lou, you're training looks pretty good to me!


              7 mile run for Bugs!  I am doing very good on the antibiotics. The docs said "your immune system is working again." I have been able to run daily and holding myself back while on the antibiotics. I have very little pain some dizziness still, but just 2 more weeks of antibiotics. 


              If all this happened because I got a bacteria infection I think I need a new online name, one that is not cursed.


              Be good to yourself, you would not believe the things your body does to heal it self from the running we do. 


                Yay Bugs! And it's amazing to think of all you've been through the last couple of years. I hope you're on the road to real recovery and can get back to kicking butt!


                6.3 mile run yesterday, probably about the same today. Tomorrow evening I'm going to run an 11 mile trail race for my MLR this week. Should be fun, as I've never done one of the real trail series here but always wanted to. But I'm treating it like a training run instead of a race. It'll still be fun to be out there running mid-week with other folks. I've done a couple of those this year and realized how much I do enjoy the company since I usually run alone.

                  Great to hear you are doing better bugs!


                  My back is acting up again..havent run for no 24 hour race or monkey for me. Hope to get back to the lunch runs next week if the back allows. Digging out my PT materials to do my stretching and exercises.

                  Oh Mighty Wing

                    Oh no Murph!! I'm sorry to hear that!


                    Bugs - yeah!


                    ok, so my running the last two weeks has been AWFUL - getting back to work and next round of grad classes starting up really makes for a lack of running while I figure out the schedule and rhythm...