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Week of 2/15/10 and recovery from a cancelled marathon (Read 179 times)


    I didn't think there was money for anyone to go to conferences anymore.


    Will try to run outside today. Feeling better. I have been able to bike the last few days, seems that is easier on my chest congestion.


      Thanks Cash and Dave!


      Sending lots of healing vibes to Cash , Lou and anyone that might need them!! 


      Hope your run goes well today Bugs!!


      ENJOY the warm weather Dave!!!!


      Had a VERY NICE hilly long run yesterday. It was non stop up and down. Can't believe how much I actually enjoyed it. Woke up this morning really feeling it however after a mile or so into my recovery run legs felt much better. Contemplated on going further than the planned 4 recovery miles however I have a leg strength training workout this afternoon. Don't want to over do it.


      Hope everyone's week is starting off good!

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