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4 hr marathon? (Read 174 times)


    Mine was 9 months, but think it depends what you were doing before running too. I'd start keep a log though.



      2008/2009, whichever. Unfortunately, I may have moved out of town by then but I'll back for it. I'll agree with Bugs on the log. Very helpful and the log on RA is head and shoulders above the one they had on CR.

      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

      Mr Inertia

      Suspect Zero

        Keep a log, train smart and consistent. No gaurentees, but I'd bet a nickel you could get there. Oh, and stick around and hang out with us whether or not you make this a goal!

        Cause I CAN

          Ya know I still havent gotten over the memories of the last one of how bad it hurt...and I want to do this again? Something evil has taken over my
          Liver Transplant - July 2, 1991