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Week of 5/23/11 (Read 217 times)

    Where is everyone?


    Big miles for several of us last week!


    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 71.2 mi 10:12:02
    pace2race 68.1 mi 10:05:30
    evanflein 66.1 mi 8:57:20
    jhallum 50.2 mi 6:56:52
    WillRunForBeer 48 mi 7:32:03
    AussieGirl76 42.2 mi 6:11:35
    Kimmie 35.7 mi 5:43:39
    CaraH 30.2 mi 4:40:53
    theyapper66 22.3 mi 3:25:01
    Cashmason 12.7 mi 2:09:06
    Bugs 8.6 mi 1:19:17
    Dutchie42 8.5 mi 1:40:11
    lilcat19 1.5 mi 11:45
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    irpete 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00
    willamona 0 mi 0:00

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


      Hi Lou! I just check in here a few times a week and rarely on the weekends. Sounds like you had some good runs with that trail run yesterday.


      I made it through last week! Woohoo! Hello Taper! Just a two week taper, actually 13 days because my last long run was yesterday and the race is on Saturday the 4th. I had a good weekend of running, but seems like I didn't get much else done except laundry and some kitchen cleanup. Saturday's run ended up being a tempo run... 11.5 miles, avg pace 8:00 with several miles in the 7:50 range. Got quite the sunburn on my shoulders, too. Oops. Gotta remember the sunscreen as the days warm up. Yesterday I got a late start, but planned on 20-22 miles at hopefully about marathon pace. I really am not sure what that should be, but apparently it was 8:04... got very dehydrated on this run, even with a couple of good water stops. Apparently I needed at least one more.


      No run today, but will hit the gym at lunchtime and I hope to get out to the greenhouse after work. Gotta get that garden going eventually!

      Hail to The Victors!

        Finally cracked 50 this week.  Feels good to finally get to decent mileage.  Now the fun begins as I take the plunge for a fall marathon.  I went from Twin Cities or Columbus for a while, but since my niece's 1st birthday is Oct 12th in MA, it's looking like Baystate is the winner on the 16th.  Now we'll see if I can stay healthy until then.


          Hi everyone!


          I'm happy with my 35 for the week-  more than I have been running.  Thanks for the tips on routes, Jeremy.  If I ever get faster, maybe we could run together next time I'm in MI.


          I'm also thinking about the Fall Marathon choices.  I am tired of Marine Corps, but it is so nice to be local.


          Ran 4 on the treadmill after Body Pump class.  I'm planning on running  little more tonight with my group.


          Excellent running, Erika-   What's your next race?


            Next race is Newport Oregon on June 4, so it's coming up fast! This will be a busy summer with lots of running, but that's the big one starting it off.


            There are soooo many fall marathons out there, be sure to look around. I'm sure you could find something not too far away to add some variety to your life!

              We have signed up for Atlantic City (NJ) on Oct 16.  We're thinking about Outer Banks, NC November 13 and Rehobeth, DE December 11


              8 slow miles this morning, on tired legs

              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                Yabbut... Lou! You already have the one star thing. So... what's after December? With a little planning it wouldn't be hard to bump that up. But, then again, it's all about what you want and what works for you. Just a thought...


                5 mile RAL that was supposed to be easy, and it was effort-wise... but 8:11 avg pace.  

                  Hi Everyone!


                  I REALLY need to go out for a run...


                  Health-wise--everything seems to be settling down for little Aidan. I should be able to go out for late evening runs--which are awesome this time of year, when its not storming. He' s pretty consistantly sleeping for a few hours from about 10pm on..


                  Ive gained the weight back, I lost last summer..but a new Biggest Loser starts today..Having lost a bunch before--I have no doubt I can get myself in shape quickly.


                  Focussing on the 24 hour race in September. So I just want time on my feet right now. Running, walking whatever. I will probably make it a habit to walk or run in the neighborhood after the late night feedings to get used to moving while tired..that was some good advice Dopplebock provided awhile back.


                  No real expectations for this event--since I always seem to stall out with injury or something..the best training I did was last summer when I eased intorunning, and watched my caloric intake. I was doing most of my running at lunch and just a little bit in the evenings.


                  I'll try to keep up..hope everyone is doing well.


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                    We're racing 10mi on Sat morn.  Quint just reminded me that the last time I did that one, I did a 5mi race the next day - which I'd entirely forgotten about, but I expect it will be there this year, so it's likely I'll have a double race this weekend.


                    Maybe we'll get to see L&H at Rehoboth this autumn; we haven't planned for it, but we have done every one they've had, so we may well be there.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                      Glad to hear Aidan is doing better.


                      Ran 5 easy this morning, and brewing a boh bilsener today

                      Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |



                        Glad you are over your injury and miles are up. I'm a little jealous. I miss running more. I have to bust my butt just to get 25 miles.



                        Sorry little one is sick. Please keep us updated. 24 hour race, oh my, sounds terrible hard but fun.



                        Location always trumps other factors for races doesn't it? I was going to run TCM but Mankato was so cheap. I'll just pay $65 entry fee. The good part is my husband and kids will get to see me at lots of spots.


                        I've changed my diet to a mostly raw foods diet /low inflammation diet and my body is starting to change. Lots of veggie smoothies some taste okay, and others good. Try the Virgin Green Monster on ( . Had it with Almond Milk today and very good. I also make a more hardcore one with spinach, cucumber, and a few strawberries. I had put on weight this winter (stress=desserts) and hated this body but five pounds dropped rather quickly.. I wish I had tried eating this way sooner. It really changed my life. See for details. (BTW, drank the spinach smoottie and then ran 4 miles and didn't poop my pants.)


                        I need to start focusing on recovery. I've made some big changes for me. I now ALWAYS drink a bottle of water after any workout. I ALWAYS do a few yoga poses after a workout. This has really helped my tight calves. But I need an energy drink. I want to try coconut water.


                        I ran Fargo Half in 1:55. (My best at Fargo is 1:48 and my PR is 1:45) Before starting I saw a 10K (3rd place) collapse three feet from the finishline. That was a sign, it was humid and we're not aclimated yet. I started slow but I just never felt like I could run faster and missed the feeling of those 8:20 paced miles. I guess when you're training for TRIs your long run pace isn't going to be much better than your half pace.  Combining the training for the events has been difficult and a few times I should have rested the day after biking and done higher quality long runs. Don't know my log shows it, but damn I've been trying to just train, train, and train.


                        Today was my first open water swim.  I got half way in the lake and just couldn't breath. It was awful. The water was cold at 65F, spiking my heartrate, the wetsuit was choking my neck, and I had never swam that far without touching. I was with the sports club, so I was able to rest on the kayak before swimming to the other side, maybe 200 yards. Going back I didn't put my head in the water, worked on side stroke and backstroke because wasn't as cold, and easier to see. I took a break, and then we swam out and back and I did better. Got some advice on pulling my wetsuit up higher so it doesn't choke me. I plan to get out in the water as much as I can . It was really really hard to swim straight. This triathlon is just so fricken hard and requires both fitness and skill... not sure I have much of either, but has been a humbling experience.


                        I'm running the Mankato Marathon Oct23rd, so post June 26th, the focus is marathon training, untill I need to keep juggling the swim, bike and running.



                          Sounds like you're doing great, Bugs!   Thanks for the links... I will check them out.