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    I posted a race report in the race report forum.
      Kimmie, that's just awesome. Congratulations. See? You were fine even with the illness and reduced running beforehand. Sometimes, when that happens during taper you're already resting so it's not like being hit hard when you're at peak training. Good job, girl! We had fun at the comedy show last night, but both of us were tired. Came straight home afterwards. Now my back hurts a bit, don't know why. Like I sat on a plane or stood around for a long time. Neither of which happened. It's warm here today, +16F already and could get over 20. Think I'll just wear my tights and forego the winter pants I usually wear over them. I overheated a bit yesterday on only 3 miles. I was planning 9 today, but may just do 7 or 8. Tomorrow I'll run my hilly trail again, hope the legs tolerate it better than last week (was sore afterwards). It's my test of how I'm doing on hill-conditioning pre-Boston. [thinking of Shan today as she makes her big move]
        Way to go Kimmie!

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          Way to go Kimmie ! Thinking of you Shan. 36 miles on the bike today with Matt and DT. Kept getting spit off the back end, and sometimes I just couldn't close the gap again. I am just not strong enough to ride with them at this point. Legs are fried. About the equivalent of running 12 miles, but with friends who are 15 seconds per mile faster than you are.

          Oh Mighty Wing

            hi guys!!! Thanks for all the thoughts!! Moving is hard work!! We (and by we I mean me and the dogs) are tired!! Phew!! The apartment looks like it hurled - there's stuff all over the place!! Ohh soo much to do soo little time! YEAH KIMMIE!!! You are awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Dave - i'm gonna need a summary report please!!! Big grin

            On the road again...

              Good job, Kimmie! I knew you'd pull that off - now enjoy the post-race celebration (which, for me, would be a lot of sleep!!). Be careful, Shan. All the times we've moved, I think the boxes of stuff have baby boxes of stuff and multiply when you're not looking. Big grin I went out for a long run and did a 8min/1min ratio for run/walk. I've never done that before, but my legs were really heavy yesterday so I thought this might be the ideal time to give it a go. WOW! I loved my run. Even with the walk breaks, I finished up at a 10:15 pace for the 90 minute run. And, I felt good enough to close it out with about a 5 or 6 minute sprint at the end. I might do that again. I followed that run up with a 30 minute easy run with my wife, so my total mileage for the day is 11 and I got over 30m for the week. But, enough about me. Did you hear that... KIMMIE BQd??!!!! Big grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grin

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                Yes, Paul, we heard. But it's still great news!! Big grin Nice job on the run/walk combo, too. It's amazing how much extra life that gives your legs, no? Some people are surprised to hear I've never NOT walked in a marathon... but it's true. And I walked the least in Disney and had a good time... without all the stops. Oh well. I still think it's a good plan. I was smitten by the warm temps today... 20 or higher when I set out, so it was just one layer for me: tights, long sleeved winter-weight top, fleece gloves and bright yellow headband. Oh, I did wear my wool vest, too. Perfect. The only bummer was we got a little over an inch of snow last night, so the freshly plowed bikepath was already under crunchy snow. Not too bad on the way down, but a real bummer on the way back up. Played "dodge truck" with the vehicles on the main road for a couple miles, then back on the bike path. Fun to see it was plowed already on the last mile, so I turned around and did that part twice! Hey, gotta take advantage of it when you find a nice surface! 9.5 miles total, 8:36 avg pace. Then we shoveled hard pack for 2 hours.... So now my back is sore and left arm is tired, but it feels so good to have that done! (well, almost done... got about 2/3 of the driveway done) Tomorrow I'm hoping to run the trail again to get some downhill training in. Hoping legs aren't too sore on Monday...
                  Just found a minute to post my run. We have the ski club folks coming over here for a pre-trip party -- we're going to Montana (Whitefish) in a couple of weeks. There's a lot of house-cleaning going on and I'm trying to stay out of the way Tongue 13.2 miles, 1:55:42, 8:48/mi, AHR 141 (?!?) (71% mhr) miles@pace(HR) 5@9:16(136), 3@8:51(137), 5@8:18(149)

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                    I NEED TO RUN!!!!!!!!!! but I don't know where my clothes are!!! Guess I need to get off the computer and unpack the bedroom!!! I finished the kitchen/nook/living room/bathroom.... saved the best for last I guess!!
                      CONGRATS AGAIN KIMMIE!!!!!! Nice run peeps! I ran a little over 15 today. Dh ran the first 9 with me (his long run for the week) so I enjoyed his company. The rest of my run was kind of meh. I was very dehydrated, had tummie issue's and I think the fact that I got higher milage this week on 6 runs probably had so something to do with it as well. Off to spend the rest of "valentines" day with dh (kids are at inlaws until tomorrow). Hope everyone is having a great weekend as well as Valentines day yesterday Smile

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                        Pullups/chinups followed by 10-miler. 10-miler in 1:37:09, 9:40mm avg, 152bpm avg HR. 70-80% of HRR. Good workout today. Time to do some housework.

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                          Congrats again, Kimmie. Very cool. Are you going to run Boston or was it just enough to qualify? Wink 20.25 in just under 3 hours. Kept it steady throughout. Little bit of heart rate creep from 17 on with some hills towards the end. Glad to get the miles in the bank. Only 1 more 20 miler in the schedule for this upcoming marathon. I haven't been too good about getting all the short runs in but I've managed to get in the 3 main workouts each week.

                          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                          Oh Mighty Wing

                            great runs everyone!! Found clothes - 3.29 mi

                              Rats, thot we were gonna have Shan run Nekkid. Good job finding the clothes and getting out for a run. Labeling boxes is a good idea when you move. took bike in to get the brake assembly re aligned.