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    As far as military moving the 11 years I was married and a dependent we moved 5 times. Ughhh!

    Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson

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      Jeremy, glad to hear her surgery went well.


      Kimmie, congrats on the mile -- and what we've observed in our local series (every Thu evening, have done two so far), is that almost everyone does better the second time -- maybe partly getting used to pacing, and partly getting used to the short speedy race. Hope that works out like that for you too, if you get another chance.


      I ran this morning, then felt like running again, and had been reading a bit about Western States this weekend, so kinda got psyched up by their idiocy to go do something a little bit idiotic on a MUCH smaller scale -- one more appropriate to me -- so I went out and ran this afternoon - joined a friend for her long run. So this was my first ever medium/long double. Now my feet are tired and my legs are a bit sore -- I remember this feeling, from doing long runs or marathons -- haven't really been doing them for a while, so I'd kinda forgot this feeling.



      PS: Dave, Hope the arrival and unpacking goes well!

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


        Wow Perry,   amazing run....  

        the race yesterday was great!  So fun to help people finish their first race.  You forget how exciting it can be to someone who has never done it before.  And I think I have some long time converts to running.

        The best part is, I got to see my daughters coming back on the one miler as we were going the other way.  So fun to see them running.  I cannot even tell you how cute my youngest was when she asked me afterwards if she could run another one.  My older daughter was pleased to have run it in the 11 minute range and "by herself"  DH was behind her with DD2.   

         I ended up trying to run the race fast and then going back on the course to help people finish, which gave me 8 miles total.  My time was 32:10... I started out way too fast... wonder when I'll stop doing that.  I didn't have my Garmin, since it died on me, so I was surprised at the 1st mile marker when they called out 7:05... I kinda knew that was going to be bad for me.  But even with the heat, I recovered a bit and tried to hold on.  I always think that I can run the shorter races faster than I actually can.   But, it wasn't really about me and my pacing... more about cheering people on and encouraging others.     I saw Tri-Kev there before the race... He posts on the main boards and in the northern VA.  group.  He actually passed me when I was losing steam.  He looked really strong.

        Ran 10 miles today-  still not getting the longer distances in yet because of so many reasons, probably excuses.  The jury's still out on Steamtown... but I will hopefully be able to still get some good training in.

        Off to be a Girl Scout camp counselor tomorrow for the whole week... The days are 8:30-3:30 outside...  AND I've moved my clients to evenings... so hopefully, somehow I will still get some running in.  Smile

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          It really is fun seeing kids run -- we've had some come out to our Twilight Miles, and I enjoy seeing them participate.


          Nice job going back out on the course -- great way to get mileage in and encourage and greet people both.


          I'm also still working on pacing. I ran our first week Twilight Mile with splits of 86, 82, 81, 78 and the second week Twilight Mile with splits of 75, 82, 84, 84, so you can see I don't have even pacing down yet. Maybe I'll converge eventually to something even...

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.