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Hawt and sexy

    Apolo.  Dude.  One elle.  Isn't he dreamy?  I have been glued to the Olympics since Friday.  I have company tomorrw so I might miss a few hours of coverage.  I like watching hawt men in tight pants.  Is that wrong?

    I'm touching your pants.




      Thanks..that looks like an awfully friendly course.  What, not going up the stadium hill?   Sounds more and more intriguing!  I'm still hoping to do it!



      The course looks "different" than anything I've ran before. I'm not convinced it is a fast course. Miles 18 on though are on Red Jacket Trail, and that is the trail I run on all the time, and that home front advantage would really help keep me flying. That'd be cool if you'd run it.




        yes, needless to say we are pretty bummed about the decision to cancel the marathon. 

        Wow, can't believe they canceled it. Sorry your day didn't go as planned. Feel really bad for the runners planning to run the race. Just crazy.


          I can't believe they'd cancel that marathon for a couple inches of snow. How lame is that? It probably melted by 10 am. and while maybe not a fast course, better than canceling on everyone who traveled from a long distance to run? Good grief. So, do they get credits to run a nearby marathon? I know if I'd traveled from here for it, and they canceled, I'd be pissed.

          Bugs, I could only see the cabinets on your facebook page. I'm not a FB player, so can't see beyond whatever's on your front post.

          I got out for a good long run today. Felt good. 17.3 miles in 2:30, for about an 8:41 avg pace. Last 3 full miles were all sub 8:35 so that gave me the faster finish long run I wanted. Cool. Now I feel a little better about where I'm at for Boston.

            Kitchen looks greta, Bugs!

            3 recovery miles.

            I'm late!

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              <deleted -- wrong week>

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.