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Week of 02/03-02/10 (Read 262 times)

    Groov..Ive run the Vegas full the last two years, and will be back this year. 2006 was my best marathon to date (still very slow by mosts standards). I kinda coasted through my running last year. I am very motivated this year to make good progress. Today's report.. WINDY 25 mph steady 40 mph gusts. hesitated about 3 times. Turned around twice was gonna give it up. HTFUd and started the run. Steady hard wind first mile..better the next 2 until open filed. Cross wind. To my back down the hill (in my face on the way up). Great long run in trying conditions. 9 miles at 11:15 long run pace. Feel great I got it in. After trading in a 7 mile run for the eliptical this week--I didnt want to wuss out twice. I dont know how you Alaska runners do it? Is it like way too hot for you when it hits 60 degrees? Got my new shoes today after the run (store opened at noon). Wow, what a difference. Its neat actually having heals on a shoe. Shocking I didnt get injured running in the old ones.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      lookin like lots and lots of great running going on here! i've been lurking around. not gonna go back to deep tissue massage guy - he definitely bruised me and that's not really what i want. Gonna call around about sports med doc's tomorrow. My PT friend says my knee definitely is not tracking right. Says sports med doc should be able to have plans for fixing it. She says it seems like I have an imbalance between my abductor's and adductor's that might be why it's acting up. I donno, so i'm gonna see if I can get a doctors apt and hopefully i'll get some answers. Can't deal with not running. Think i'm having a hard time because it's not just this week off. It automatically becomes a possible two weeks off because i'm not likely to be running much on my honeymoon. Anyway, if I seem scarce know that i'm lurking... just crazy with getting ready to go away and full of jealousy!

        Don't get jealous, just look cuter than the other girls around you. Swam 500 yards tonight, after this mornings 10 mile trail run. Spent a lot of time teaching G/f better body postition in the water and doing drills. Did 250 yards at one time, so I know I can do that for next weeks race. Time suckified, and will be worse next week doing it after a run and bike.
          Murphy, 60 degrees is really like IRC for me... I just don't wear so many layers!! Cash, I'll see your hills and match you! 14. 25 miles outside today, -10 or so temps with an obnoxiously brisk wind at the summit, and the main road the rest of the way. Overall ascent was 2243 feet, Overall descent was 2613... Started at about 790 feet (my house) and climbed up pretty steep first 4.6 miles to the peak of 1576 feet. That first 4.6 miles took me 46 minutes! That brought the whole run's average down somewhat... Got to Mile 11, turned onto the main road to come home and got hit full force in the face with a blast of wind and blowing snow. Have no idea what the wind chill factor was, but holy crap it was cold! So called DH and asked for a pickup, turned around and ran with the wind to the campus student rec center where he showed up with a travel mug of hot tea with honey. Yum! Then home to do 3.4 miles on the treadmill at 8:49 pace, for a total run today of 17.65. Shan, you're allowed to be a total basket case and a lurker. We still love you.