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WEEK 3/23 (Read 447 times)

On the road again...

    You guys are doing amazing things. Great running here. I couldn't get my long run in on Saturday, so I had to try and squeeze it in on Sunday afternoon. This meant I'd be running shortly after eating at our local Mexican restaurant, which was a bad plan to begin with. Nothing like digesting spicy food to push the HR higher, and it did. I knew the pace would be slower because it was my long run, but my HR was erratic from the beginning. The spikes came in the later parts of my run when a dog decided to run with me (for 4 miles!). Of course, she decided to run in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and so I spent a lot of my run calling to her, grabbing her, doing whatever I could to get her away from traffic. There were a handful of times she almost went to doggie heaven. My HR is rising just typing this. When she was on the side of the road, she was all under my feet. It made for one unpleasant run, but at least I got it in.

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


      Erika- hang in there.... thanks for venting to us... I think it helps to just get your frustrations out. You are inspirational. That's another reason why I love this group- we can support each other when we experience the bad ones. Yesterday when I was killing it trying to get home in a lightning storm, I decided to short cut it a little and run on a road instead of the trail. This road doesn't have tons of room on the shoulder, but it's not a busy road and it's only for about 1/2 mile. Most cars moved over for me, but one seemed to be steering towards me? Not what I needed when it was pouring rain and popping lightning. Paul- um... that sounds crazy! I am impressed you got the whole run in. I don't know what I would do with a dog like that. 5 miles today- need to decide when I'll get it in. I'm trying to transition to morning running only... I don't know if I'll ever do doubles.