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Week of October 10, 2011 (Read 231 times)

    Good luck everyone.


    Stayed home today to rest. I think its doing some good. Was going to go to the expo today--but putting it off until tomorrow..want to make sure Im well enough to run.


      Good plan, Murphy. Hey, we need a new avatar picture of Ava!

        yeah, I know. I have one of Aidan and Ava I will put up. Not sure if I showed it here or not.

          this makes me laugh everytime..



            Oh my god that's precious! He looks terrified, she looks just a little too happy! Thanks, Murphy!


            5.3 easy miles at lunchtime. Temps in the low 40's and the sun came out. It was really really nice out there today! Hope we get a couple more days like this... I'm getting spoiled by this beautiful fall we've had!


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              Very cute funny photo

              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                Very cute photo Murph.


                Finally a real run for me.    2.5 miles with the dog,  2.7 without the dog.   A minute a mile faster without the dog.


                Feels good to finally get a real run in again.

                  Crashed and burned..and decided to save myself. The half marathon turn off is just short of 13 miles. I sttod at the split and figured it would be a very long additional 13.1 miles, and I turned and finished with the 1/2 marathoners.


                  I  felt good until about 9 miles. My knee was screaming and I just lacked energy to keep it moving..Having a cold, and not much of a base didnt help. They gave me an official haldf marathon finishing time..and they forced a medal on me..I told them I didnt want it, but she talked me into it. From the 10k to finish I passed 17 runners and was passed by 1756 runners.


                  Really not dissapointed..I didnt know what I would be able to do--and I didnt feel the need to prove I could walk my way to another finish. I need to find the time to see what I can do if I properly train. Planniong on a May marathon next.

                    oh wow.  Good for you for knowing when to stop.  I'm glad you have another race in your sights. 

                      Discretion is the better part of valor, Murphy. Good decision. I almost made the same decision yesterday, but I was at 14, and the finish line was about 6 miles away, plus I didn't wasn't Harriet to gain a state on me. I figured for the extra 6 miles I might as well just finish. The wind on the stretch from 8 to 16 sure took a lot out of me. Finished ok I guess with 3:53.

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                        the funny thing is that the automated tracking that was posting to FB was tracking someone else. A lot of my friends thought I ran a 3:28 marathon. Got lots of messages of congratulations. Eventually I had to delete that post.