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    I thought people put their primary bikes on trainers?


    Ran local marathon this morning. Thought I'd target a comfortable pace, run a comfortable first half, and then if I felt good, push the second half. Would up coming in very tired at my "comfortable pace" target time. Guess I shouldn't underestimate the marathon. But had fun, got to chat with some runners at the pasta dinner the night before, and out on the course. Ran a mile or two with Brian Boyle out on the course as well, in the middle somewhere. Ran many miles with my neighbor -- some with another guy who joined us for a while.


    Oh, and when I was at my car about to get my stuff to go inside and shower before the lunch, I decided I should jog a bit first -- I think jogging after finishing has worked well for me. Started my watch and took about two steps, and wound up plopping down as fast as I could onto the ground to try to release the sudden calf cramp I got -- and then one in the other side. No jogging for me, but some minutes spent on the ground relaxing and releasing my calf muscles. Happy that that happened after the finish line and not before it. My neighbor got those in the last couple miles; must be really frustrating, because you can't really do anything except work on releasing the cramps  (at least I can't).

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      Nice long runs Lou and Bugs! AND WOW Lou slept past 7. I was up and out the door before he got out of bed DAMN lol. OH hold on that was yesterday. I slept past 7 too lol. I HATE those people who yell for us to get off the road. Like once the car was invented no one's allowed to walk or run anymore sheeeeeeeeeeeeshhhh.


      I'm like you Cash. I ALWAYS sleep in on the weekend though lately I've been getting up extra early on Sundays. However that will be changing. My next 3 long runs will be done on Mondays  instead of Sundays.


      Long run went great. Well other than me locking my keys in the car lol. So I started off run without garmin or gloves. When we got back to the car at mile 5 to use restrooms I saw a police cruiser so I got his attention. The nice officer was more than happy to help unlock my car. He gave me kudos for first being out so early on fall ahead day and second off for running in the crappy weather. Anyways can't believe how easy today's run felt. It was a very interesting and enjoyable run. Parts on muddy trails, Part on flat lands and part on hills in Valley Forge. Had a "creek" crossing. Lots of fallen trees (1 HUGE one) lots of puddles and mud but I enjoyed every bit of it. Didn't expect my first 20 miler in ages to feel so easy.




      MTA: Throat felt a tad better this morning. Still lots of icky stuff down there. I've ran through what I'm pretty sure was strep before. Having no health insurance and just spending a ton on DD's with her cast/removal/doctor I just can't get myself to go. Of course if one of the kids start complaining they will go get tested and if it's positive will get antibiotics for the whole family.


      Oh and I learned home fried chicken is NOT something I should have after a long run. Lesson learned!


      Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the weekend!

      Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson

        Glad you had fun Perry!!! Sorry about the calf cramp, but like you said better after the marathon than during! 

        Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head." - Joe Henderson


          Nice marathon, Perry.

          Glad you're feeling a little better, Pam.

          4 on the treadmill today in 35:00.  Felt great to be back at it a little.

          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

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            Always good when Dave can fit some running into his crazy schedule.


            20 miles on trails with mud and water crossings, when sick. You're a nut  I mean, a runner.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.




              I want to bike more. I test road a bike, and it just felt wonderful. The impact of running gets old and it just felt good on that bike. It was a flippen nice bike though, a Trek Madone..$2800. I'm still hoping to find a used bike, and I need to try more sizes not sure if I am 52 or 54. I 5'5" with a really short torso. If I got into biking I'd have no problem spending that kind of money, but just think I need a cheaper bike that I can throw on a trainer. Guessing you would not want that bike on a trainer?




               Bugs,  glad you are enjoying cycling.  


              The Madone is  the top end of the Trek  line.   You can triple the price or more by getting fancier wheels or gear and brake shifters on it.  


               However, what you looked at, is  about the top end of the practical line of stuff.    The fancier components only add a tiny bit of  performance at a way way higher cost.


              As far as sizes go,  try more bikes  and see what feels good to you.   Bike manufacturers are like women's clothes makers.     Two identical bikes,  one company may call a 52 the other a 54.  Just like  you might be a size 4 with one dress maker, and size 2 with another.


              What really matters is,  when you sit on the seat and rest your hands on the handlebars,  do you feel like your torso  and arms  are stretching too far?  Or do you feel scrunched up?  Or is the reach comfortable?


              Your hands should rest on the hoods  which is a rubber piece above the brakes.  Thumbs should be on the inside and rest of the fingers on the outside.


              Also try riding the bike and squeezing the brakes both from the hoods, and from the drops which are curved botthom portion of the handlebars.   Women have smaller hands than men,  and sometimes reaching the brake levers is hard for a woman with smaller hands.


              I am 5' 10" and am comfortable on either a size 56 or 58 cm bike.


              On a trainer, only two parts of the bike get beat up...   the skewer and the back tire.    The skewer is a rod that goes through the back wheel.  It has a lever on one side and a cone shaped screw on the other.   The trainer has clamps that attatch to the skewer.   If you are careful you wont hurt the skewer....  or if not so careful,  you can buy a cheap skewer to use while on the trainer and use the good one for outdoors.


              Good bike tires can run from 25 to 50 dollars per tire.   The rollers on a trainer can chew the tire up pretty fast if the rollers arent adjusted just right.     Most of my friends  take off the good tire and throw on a 5 dollar cheapie tire while on the trainer.    


              Changing tires takes 30 minutes and lots of cussing the first time you do it.   The tenth time you do it, you can do it in under 5 minutes,  no cussing.


              When you buy a bike,  you will probably spend another 2-300 dollars.  Most nice bikes dont come with pedals.  Those will be about 100 dollars extra,  plus about 100 dollars for bike shoes,  plus 40 -60 for a bike helmet.


              Later on you might want bike shorts and a bike jersey but that can wait.


              When you run  pockets  if you have any are in the shorts.   Bikes  they are on the back of the shirt.   Why?  Because if they were on your shorts,  your car key or cell phone would jab your leg every time you pedaled.


              If you have more questions,  I will be glad to exchange phone numbers/ email with you,  so we dont bore the runners.


                If you are a budget a low end good bike  around 600 dollars or so  will do about 90 percent of what your Madone does.


                You looked at the equivalent of a high end Mercedes. ( There are 20 thousand dollar bicycles just like Ferrari's have half million dollar cars)  


                However  most people are ok  with Camry's  or mid level American sedan.


                And Perry is right you can put your regular bike on the trainer or you can go to a garage sale and find a size 52/54 bike and put it on the trainer.


                You would probably be ok with that same garage sale bike on the road,  if you are on a budget.