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Week of 11/29/2010 (Read 214 times)

    My condolences Lou!    BTW nice race!


    DANG Erika YOU ARE THE WOMAN!!! Tough race from what I've read! Congrats and enjoy recovery!


    As for my race, well it didn't go as planned lol such is my life as of late. Bad timing first off (gotta love being a woman "roll eyes") and a very big race for a 5k/10k mix and they didn't close any streets so the first mile or so was pretty congested. So my first mile was slow. Second mile was where I wanted to be however somewhere along the lines I decided that 5k was fine for today. I think my mind decided that last night when AF (yes I know TMI) decided to show up). Anyway I'm very happy with my 23.12 . I didn't get my garmin started until .05  into race so I added the 28 seconds to the first mile that were the difference from my end time and the clocks end time. Nice negative splits. I think they were 7:59 7:30 7:06 and for the last .1 6:13  


    Anyway I got to my car called dh to let him know I was done and realized at that time that I wasn't going anywhere since I was parked right at the finish line and that people were coming in on the pavement right in front of my car and going around it to the finish line. Guess that's why they asked me which race I was doing lol. So what did I do I went right back out there and started to run the course again though I screwed up and turned the wrong street. Found myself running the opposite way as the racers on the same side of the road so I just turned around and finished up in the park where my car was parked. 


    Anyway finished the day with 12.6 miles, not exactly what I had planned but feeling pretty good. Think I'm finally getting used to this freezing wind going on.


    Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend!! 

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      So sorry to hear about JD, aka Beer Dog.