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Happy Camper

    Congratulations on the 50k Erika!


    7.5 easy paced miles on single track mud trails for me today.  Rain was a bonus!

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      We slept in around here and it was wonderful! I'm amazed that I'm not really sore at all. Just a little stiff in spots, but my foot feels pretty good! My official time was 5:10:20, and I'm not sure how it could be 45 seconds slower than my Garmin time when I started my watch at the gun and turned it off after I crossed the line. No chip timing around here though, so who knows when they started the official clock. Oh well.

      Nice runs for Lou and Pam (ha, sorry for the pun). And yeah, I always try to have at least an hour before going out before eating/drinking, especially coffee.

      Hey, today is clear and crisp (36 this a.m.) but sunny! Beautiful race weather. Oh well.

        Congrats on the 50K, Erika! I love hearing about other people's races, it always gives me inspiration for my own running.


        Thanks all for your good wishes. I did not embarrass myself at that 10k--did not score a PR but it wasn't a personal worst, and there's a lot to be said for that! My pace at the race was just off my half marathon pace, which, come to think of it, is a little embarrassing, but there's still plenty of time for speedwork. I'm just glad I did it, and it felt like a nice tempo run--didn't make it hurt too much, this time around.


        Thanks for the picture, Dave; glad you're home safe.


        Ordered new shoes several days ago and found out Friday the company delivered to an old address. Ugh!  What now? Meanwhile not only did I pay for a pair of shoes I NEVER GOT, I'm on one pair of shoes, and I hate running every day on the same shoes. Dh says I'm a running snob, and maybe I am.

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          I hate it when there's no chip timing anyway weird how seconds were added on. Glad to hear your feeling so good afterwards Erika! LOL@ your pun! My normal morning ritual is to have cofffee first then breakfast. By the time I head out for my run everything's been cleaned out. HOWEVER today was not a normal day. I'd have skipped coffee however I was in fear that I would have no focus like earlier in the week. Live and learn. I was very very lucky that I didn't "candice"

          Hey Vix! Glad your race went well Smile I don't have very much shorter race experience however the one's I've done I always end up doing more of a tempo run. As for your shoe's THAT BITES!!!  Have you called or written to the company to see what can be done? BTW I'd be a shoe snob myself however with how fast I go through them i'm just happy to have some that work lol. 

          MTA: just checked your log out Vix. Nice pacing!

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            Vix, if you gave them your correct address and they shipped to the old one, it's their fault and they need to make you "whole" on the shoes. Call them now!

            I just see in the paper that a woman is listed as finishing the full marathon in 5:09:36. I think that's my time! I e-mailed the director of the group that does the timing for our races and told him. I know him, so hope he'll take me seriously.