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Week of 10/18/2010 (Read 161 times)

    Excellent long runs -- wow, look at that pace, Erika!


    Good luck, Dave and Kim!

    Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

    On the road again...

      Gives me 55.7 for the week, so I'm tempted to run a 6 mile recovery run tomorrow to top 60... it's been a long time since I've run 60 in a week!


      Nice run, Erika.  Funny you mentioned adding a run today, cause I've been thinking about running a slow 2.5 miles today so that i can top 55 miles.  Somehow that sounds better than 52.8. Wink

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


        Good Luck Dave and Kim!


        Erika, cold already huh? Weather here is still perfect but the cold is coming this week.


        Ran a PR in half yesterday. 1:45:40. (7:58 garmin/8:04 race course average) Was a hard run. I ran too many hard miles last weekend and knew I did not have the freshness in my legs that I did for the 10 mile race a few weeks ago. I'm struggling with getting sloppy in my train, seems it is the last priority these days and then I try to cram in for missed days. I was up typing my son's paper at 5:00 the morning of the race that was due that day, while my DH was vomiting the bathroom.  (He's been sick for the past month, ugh.. and between that and his new job I'm feeling like a single parent.) I just got to the starting line not feeling fresh, and I'm happy with my time, I don't think I tapered perfect and can do better.


        I was in the 7:40-7:50 mark until about 10 miles. Mile 12 started to tank and ran a 8:20, but when I saw my watch said "1:30" I knew I could PR and got it back together. A good two minute PR. Immediately crossing the finish-line DH handed me the kids, said he was going home to sleep. I drove them to the Y, where they could play till they had dodge ball, and I was able to watch the marathon runners cross mile 23. Got a ton of great pictures of my friends.  Was pretty awesome to get be in a PR race, and then turn around and cheer.

        The Mankato Marathon was a much better event than I guessed it would be, they closed registration at 2000 runners, and expecting to open to 3000 runners next year. The course is hard though, harder than Twin Cities, the half seems more fun.


        I saw some amazing local runners. One 45 year old ran a 15 PR, to run a 3:29 marathon.. I want to run like that, maybe not that fast, but strong and not dragging my feet. She runs tons of hills, I think that will be my focus this winter.


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          Woohoo, congrats on the PR Bugs!


          Dave ran his goal time today. I managed to find him for a scenic run yesterday, but didn't link up with him this morning. There were *masses* of runners coming out of the metro stop. Wow. I jogged over so I don't know what it was like inside, but I bet it was a zoo. I went down there to look for Dave, but unsurprisingly didn't spot him. Then after, I couldn't remember what link up spot he said, and didn't have a phone (cause the race instructions said no phones -- but they didn't enforce it -- like headphones -- and lots of people had both) -- so I jogged back afterward. Very slowly. From the river up through Georgetown is very uphill, but I've done that before, so I knew I'd have a very slow, uphill jog on my return.


          My race time was much slower than my race of same distance two weeks ago, but I had fun, and got plenty tired and sore, so I figure it was good training for me.

          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

            Some great racing this weekend, by Bugs, Dave, Kim and Perry!  Big week, Paul!


            Me, last taper week coming up so I ran only 12 or so this morning, at 8:37/mi pace.

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

              Yay on the HM PR, Bugs! Was this the Mankato Marathon/HM? I thought you were running the full... Sorry to hear about the single-parent-syndrome and DH being sick. Amazing that you're getting in training at all, sloppy or not.


              Army 10 miler? How's Kimmie? ^5 for Dave for making his time goal, but don't know what that was. Maybe this'll get his lazy butt into training mode... Wink


              Nice run, Lou! I think you'll do really well at MCM next week.


              I haven't done anything yet today but eat. I just checked the temperature and it's only 17° downtown, which is near where I wanted to run. Looking for easy bikepaths for today's run, but was hoping for temps above 20...


                Hey y'all! Great race for you, Bugs. Happy with my race- I think, 1:27, roughly. I paid close attention to heart rate instead of pace. Seemed to work well for me- Push, but not too hard and really push at the end. Of course, more hills and miles might have gotten me a PR today, but I'm still happy.... Legs feel a little tight , but not too bad. Perry, missed seeing you, although i know you ran strong. I'll let Dave share his time- it was smoking fast- Smile Bugs, hang in there and keep posting. Hi Erika and Paul!

                On the road again...

                  Good job to all who ran the ATM.  Nice time, Dave.


                  Went out today and ran 3.3 recovery miles and finished the week with 56.1 miles - far and away the best weekly mileage I've ever had.  Cutback week starts tomorrow.

                  I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.