Marathon Trainers


4/7-4/13 (Read 211 times)

Mr Inertia

Suspect Zero

    I'm FINALLY feeling better. Still not 100%, but well enough to run tomorrow. I hope it doesn't take long to get back to where I was pre illness. This thing was NASTY and now Mrs Interia has it. Ugh. While I still have a chance to round out the training, a DNS is a very real possibility. I'm gonna give this my darndest and make the decision last minute. I've got almost 6 weeks to go.

    Oh Mighty Wing

      Mr I - glad you are feeling better! Sorry to hear about Mrs. I. I hope it will not take you long to bounce back either - I think its a smart plan to play it by ear.

      Beer Drinker

        evanflein - we will just be in ketchican fishing off prince of wales. in the past we go up around july 4th for the bigger kings, this year we decided to go more around august to get more silver. the big kings are fun! in 2006 i got the 9th biggest of the season.. my claim to fame!
        Start off easy, then slow down.
          Wow, bring your rain jacket. Better yet, come up in June for the reds! That's the best salmon anyway... I don't even bother with the silvers, but I hear they're fun to catch. Nice photo of your king... that's one helluva fish!


            Salad, that is so very cool. I'd love to plan a trip like that for a surprise for my DH. Erika, You would be proud, eating taco salad with spinach today, a great source for potassium. Sure has been windy here. Hoping for short weather for tomorrow's 15. (My LR is currently messed up.)