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    Go Girls on the Run -- hope it is a blast.



     Thanks Perry!  It WAS a blast.   The weather was almost too crazy.   We had sideways freezing rain in our face and then about 10 minutes into the run. it started snowing.   I mentioned this on FB but Darby was super pleased with her race and so was I.   She didn't walk and the course was fairly hilly, not to mention the weather.  Tons and tons of girls running.   She kept saying, " I can do this"  over and over.   It was awesome.  Smile

    Good job on those 5Ks boys.   Sounds like you had a smoking fast run, Gloria.   Guess I shouldn't wimp out on my 10 miler tomorrow just because there's 4 inches of snow on the ground.


      Wow Kim, that's some stuff weather for those girls to run in. Most adults would have DNS in conditions like that. Sure is cool that you're coaching them.


      Spent the day on a post-run high cleaning house. Excited to run tomorrow, but am going to sleep and run the sun light.


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        Today I saw a woman pushing a girl to run to the finish of our JB 5K. It made think of how I suppose there is probably a delicate balancing act between encouraging and pushing too hard, between eliciting the kid's will, teaching them perseverance, and yet not burning them out by pushing too hard.   It's great that your daughter wanted to keep pushing, and that she could get through *snow*. As Bugs said, lots of adults wouldn't persevere through that Smile


        We got lucky -- the rain stopped before the kids or adults runs began, and we only got sleet later, not snow at all.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

          The slush last night turned to bumpy ice this morning.  I ran on it but had to use my yaktrax and had to pick my way.  I had 11 on the plan but by 8 I'd had enough.  Just couldn't fight with the ice any more.

          8.1 miles, 1:16:10, 9:25/mi, AHR 143 (70% MHR)

          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

            I don't blame you, Lou. Actually, I'd probably stay on the treadmill. Running on that stuff can give you shin splints and worse. BTDT.

            Lots of nice 5k's out there for our group! Kimmie, I'm probably one of those adults who would've bagged it. Good job for your daughter to get out there and thrive in it. 

            Bryan, your times are dropping nicely!

            Bugs, awesome run for you yesterday! Almost more miles than degrees!

            I got out there yesterday and ran 10.3 while DS2 and his friend were doing some soccer stuff at the student rec center. Nice to run on mostly well-plowed bike paths. I didn't think I'd go 10, was thinking 7 or 8, but hey... I had the time, the temps were good (about 10-12F) and the footing was good. So, that's my longest run since late October. Nice to see a double digit run again, even if one of the digits is a 0. Not sure what I'll do today, but I might (just might) break 30 for the week. 

              Glad to see some good running going on!


              Congrats to Darby and rest of the girls Kim!




              I've had a very successful week with my weights. Got 4 upper body and 3 lower body workouts in. Feeling very strong. Foot feels fine though I didn't take any anti inflams last night or this morning and you could see one of the tendons was swollen. Back on anti inflams so swelling should go back down. No pain so I'm looking at doing my test run tomorrow. Ought to be interesting now that we've got snow and stuff all over the ground. Oh and my new shoes will be arriving tomorrow. Finally I won't have to run in  dead shoes!!!

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                40 miles on the bike today.  2 hours of uphill,  30 minutes downhill.


                2 miles of road was being resurfaced, and rough as all get out.  If I had any fillings in my teeth, they probablyl would have fallen out.


                Rode with 1 old friend and 2 new friends.  One of the newbies crapped out at mile 28.  We left him at a Carls Jr, rode back to Jeffs, got the other guys car and went back to get him and his bike.  He is fine,  his quads just arent ready for 20 miles of uphill yet.

                  Geez Cash, way to trash the newbie.

                  Well, I went out to run, made it 500 ft and knew it was not the day to do a run. Foot hurts. This is a new pain I'm dealing with and I can't figure out what it is. It's on the inside of my foot, above the arch. The bony part in front of ankle bone is sore and swollen. Can't really identify what it is from web searches, but things that sound similar say rest, ice and ibu. Sounds like a broken record, but I'll do it.


                    Ah, Erika.  That's a bummer.

                    You ran 10 on Saturday and didn't feel it?   I hope you can get it figured out quickly.  Will you go to a Dr. for it or just rest and ice?

                    Would anyone like to do the weight loss thing again?   I need to lose 10 pounds, for sure.  I think just being accountable to other people will help me.  I really don't want to do anything too complicated, just report in on food and weight or something.

                    Didn't run yesterday-  was a baby about the snow and ice.  I need to get over that.  It's mostly clear now on the roads, so I will head out later today.  

                    Perry- you were commenting on a woman pushing her child to finish the 5K.  I think this is a tricky area.  The biggest thing I tried to keep in mind, is that I want both of my daughters to like running, not hate it.  I probably could have pushed Darby to run a little faster on Saturday, but again, I was super happy that she wasn't complaining about the weather and ran the whole thing without a walk break.  She did say wanted to walk after we got to the top of a hill and I said, "Oh no.  You don't need to walk now.  We're at the top!"  Trying to smile and be positive about it, and not too harsh.    I think it's amazing how the younger you are, the less the weather seems to bother you.  What's that about?  We just get old and cranky and cold?  Smile   Kids are like, YAY!!  It's snowing!!!   And adults are like, Where's the Starbucks? 




                      I am so impressed that you got your daughter to want to run, and finish a 5k.


                      Hearing her story was so much fun.


                      One of the best parts of teaching cycle at the gym is seeing the little kids run up and down the hallway on the way to the Kids Klub.  The gym has a room for kids with coloring books and toys  supervised by an adult, so the parents can workout and know their kids are safe.    My teaching area is right across from that room.



                      Erika,  sorry to hear you are hurting again.    You gotta quit kicking Peter in the head with that foot..... wink.


                      You may not have noticed that most men have very thick skulls.


                      I havent seen  Shan/ Jellyfish posting lately.