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Week of 1/24 (Read 195 times)


    Greetings from snowy, cold, Detroit.  It is now nearly Erika cold.  -10F this morning early.  Nice.


    4.5 for me on the treadmill while watching the first quarter of the Steelers-Jets game.  I was cheering for the Jets.  What a waste.


    And in the return of a long lost tradition, here is the summary miles for last week:



    Amores Perros 106.6 mi 16:00:55
    pace2race 69 mi 11:06:43
    WillRunForBeer 57.7 mi 8:32:30
    CaraH 47 mi 7:10:55
    evanflein 45.7 mi 6:32:14
    willamona 37.2 mi 6:15:00
    Murphy996 35.9 mi 6:46:00
    theyapper66 34 mi 5:31:08
    jhallum 33.4 mi 4:51:59
    Dutchie42 20.6 mi 3:56:37
    Bugs 16.5 mi 2:30:54
    irpete 16.2 mi 2:34:34
    Kimmie 14 mi 2:10:00
    dgb2n 13.4 mi 2:10:29
    lilcat19 9.8 mi 1:24:55
    VixiDu 7 mi 1:09:17
    Cashmason 0 mi 0:00


    Some interesting data there.  Holy crapola, Perry.  Nice running by P2R, Lou, CaraH, and Erika.


    And a recent high for Murphy at nearly 36.  Paul right behind him and Jeremy out running again.


    My pathetic total is actually a little on the low side since it doesn't reflect one elliptical "run".  But better than nothing.


    Keep up the good work, everyone.

    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

      Thanks, Dave.  I missed seeing these summaries.


      Holy *&^%!, Perry -- What are you doing?


      Nice runs, all!  Hmm, a few of us don't seem to post too often.


      3 recovery miles this morning for me.  Very, very cold for me at 7°.  But not as cold as Detroit or Fairbanks.

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        I was having fun competing with jpdeaux for high mileage, but he decided to switch to more sensible training last week, so now I'm just taking a shot at a 400 mile month. Then it will be Feb and I won't care -- this is not a volume level I intend to keep for the year, just some fun I'm having now.

        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        On the road again...

          Nice, Perry.  If I had run 69 miles and come in second by over 35 mile, I'd be hot.  Of course, since I was comfortably back in the pack, it's all good.


          4 miles today.  Wasn't really feeling it, but went to run anyway.  Wasn't really feeling it when it was over, either.  Roll eyes  May just be a bit under the weather.  Our kids have been batting this crap back and forth for a few weeks now, and maybe I got caught in the crossfire.

          I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

            Lots of solid mileage last week. I fully expect to top 40 this week. I should get out for a few tonight. Not as cold as it was yesterday. I may run indoors if I can get away early enough tonight.

              Wow, Perry.... how do you find the time to do that?? That's always what amazes me.


              Thanks for the update, Dave!


              It was so cold here last week, but warming up this week. Last week I was on the treadmill every *%^#$#! day. It was -24° when I got up yesterday. Couldn't believe it. And then, AFTER my run, it had warmed up to like -7° or something. grrr. Today is better, and this week should be good. BUT, I've got time crunch issues all week. Lots of backlog at work, and tomorrow after work is a meeting to go over options for re-routing part of the Equinox trail. They really need to take out "the chute" because of erosion and easement problems. But that'll change so much of the flavor of the course! Tough call, and I want to know what they're considering. So.... probably no run tomorrow night. Then Thursday night is a work dinner again. Might blow that off. So... long story short, I'm whining a lot.


              Paul, DS2 is home sick today. Really sounds like he might have the flu with all the body aches and fatigue he's feeling. Hope you avoid whatever your kids are throwing around.


              Gym workout at lunch today. I want to run after work, but need to take DS1 shopping for art supplies. (reference time crunch whining above)

                got 3 miles in.


                felt like crap.


                I attribute it to a bunch of factors. Ran first two miles faster than im used to. Last 2 runs were outside, this was inside--warmer than Im used to. Usually eat dinner before my nighttime runs--only had a banana..and had unhealthy lunch (McDs).  Tomorrow should be better. Have a double planned--nighttime run should be outside.


                Perry--that is crazy running. Good work.


                Erika--feels good to vent (whine) sometimes. I had one of those days today--DW feeling the stress of baby and all the stuff she wants now Im feeling the stress of the baby and all the stuff she wants done Smile


                Dave--Good job on the treadmill. I max out at about 3 on tms.

                  I did get a 5.5 mile run in tonight, with 3 x .25 mile bits @ 7:30 pace. Felt ok. But I did get DS1 to the store to get his art supplies, and made DS2 (who stayed home sick today) his requested chicken fettucine alfredo dinner. So... all in all, a good night. 



                    Dave--Good job on the treadmill. I max out at about 3 on tms.


                    Thanks, Murph.  I'm usually good for 4-5 but only managed to squeeze in 3.17 (30 minutes) before I left work yesterday.  We have a little gym downstairs below my office with showers.  Only 4 treadmills though and they're filled quite a bit.

                    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                      3 treadmill miles. Im pretty sure that my favorite treadmill is mis-calibrated. I worked way harder than it was giving me credit for. Im going to change machines tomorrow. Its warmed up a bit. Looking forward to getting in some miles on real asphalt tonight.


                        I've got a west coast trip coming up in a few weeks.  Can't wait to actually get some good miles in outside. 


                        I'll be out there over a weekend too. 

                        I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


                          nice. On Saturday bit of the feeling you described last week Dave--Just running with the miles clicking effortlessly. It was a cool run..on an unfamiliar road. I could have gone for a long time, I cant get that feeling on the indoor track or the treadmill. You still in for the Pig?

                          On the road again...

                            5 soggy miles today.

                            I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                              8.3 miles through the dark streets. I made a mistake and turned the 'wrong ' way at the intersection and found a much hillier route than anticipated.


                              I also determined that the treadmill must be off. I ran my 8th mile easy and was 45 seconds faster than my treadmill average this morning, and I felt like I was really moving on the treadmill.


                              11.3 miles logged today.

                                Hi everyone,

                                I'm new to this forum. I joined a long time ago but wasn't actually training for a marathon so never posted. Now I am, and wanted to join you guys if you don't mind the company. I already know two of you.


                                Yapper: nice to see you.

                                Erika: fancy seeing you here. DS2 feeling any better today?

                                Perry: your high mileage week is my average for a month I think. Wow!


                                I have a marathon on May 1, but my training isn't going as planned: missed the last two long runs. Not worried yet, I'll see how I do on Sunday. I don't have any goals for the marathon, just enjoy, run comfortably and finish. I ran my first marathon in 2008, so I'm not new to this game, but since it's been a few years, it does feel like it. I run 5 days a week with two days of strength training, or that's the plan anyway.


                                Yesterday I did a fastish 8 kilometers on the TM plus the lower body workout I was supposed to do on Monday.


                                ETA: did 8 kilometers on the TM again at an easy pace. Felt good.

                                I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

                                Run the day, or the day runs you.

                                Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle