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Week of 07/18/11 (Read 208 times)

    NameDistance ▼Time
    Amores Perros 68 mi 10:49:20
    evanflein 52.9 mi 7:07:00
    pace2race 51.7 mi 9:38:21
    CaraH 40 mi 6:06:39
    irpete 39.8 mi 6:23:32
    AussieGirl76 38.6 mi 5:41:36
    theyapper66 26 mi 4:05:50
    Kimmie 23.5 mi 3:52:52
    Bugs 23.3 mi 3:33:35
    lilcat19 17 mi 2:47:01
    jhallum 8.2 mi 1:10:14
    Dutchie42 7.6 mi 1:30:55
    DenverDiva 2.7 mi 56:01
    Cashmason 2 mi 20:02
    dgb2n 0 mi 0:00
    Murphy996 0 mi 0:00
    willamona 0 mi 0:00
    WillRunForBeer 0 mi 0:00


    Wow it's 1:30pm and we're still on last week.  You're all still out running  :-)


    Got my groove back, a little, I was struggling with motivation for a while there.  Have a great week everyone.


      Thanks for starting us off, Gen. I'm not running today, but did hit the gym at lunch with DH for some elliptical time.


        Did intervals on the treadmill tonight. Way too hot for outside running.


        My back is much better. I swear lifting weights helps me get over whatever goes wrong with it.


        The guy that was teaching my master swimming class had it with the low attendance and canceled the class. I was rearranging all my other training to go to his class. Hard to improve at swimming without an instructor. I was planning to use the Furman FIRST marathon training plan. It includes only 3 days of running, but the plan is not easy. Includes one interval workout, one tempo and a fast long run. There are five 20 mile long runs, and many 18s in the sixteen week training plan.  Not sure what I'll do now.


          I used a modified version, unable to limit myself to running 3 times a week, and not doing the intensity of the cross training that they recommend (obviously as I had also run that day).  Basically all I did was the recommended speed to qualify for Boston, and it was spot on.


            Aussie,  that is encouraging. I'm using a 5K time of 24:00, so that puts me at a 3:53 marathon according to his charts so I will use those paces. My only goal is to complete the marathon fit enough to feel good about it. I'm given up on chasing marathon clocks.


              I actually did what people say not to do, I trained for where I wanted to be and not where I was.  I got out my trusty Mon-Sun Excel spreadsheet and mapped out where my tempo speed/distance and interval speed/distance was (my long run was fine), and increased these every three weeks (one notch up on my treadmill) up until I was at the speed/distance they recommend you be at in my age group to qualify for Boston.  I translated the track distance/speeds recommended to minutes and speed on my treadmill.  It was such a long way out that I didn't focus on the date, just on keeping with the schedule.  Because the speed increases were only every three weeks and were minor, I didn't notice it when I went faster.  I finished my made-up program when I was logically two weeks in on the training program for my next marathon, and I took 15 minutes off my time.  I qualified for Boston with just 20 seconds to spare.  I did NOT do the 5 20's they recommend. 

              On the road again...

                Hot, muggy, humid week here.  Temps in the upper 90s all week and even in the mid 70s early in the morning.  2nd week of marathon training is good so far.  Hope everyone else is running well.

                I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.


                  Gen, sometimes training with a specific goal in mind is the best way to do it. You obviously had success with it!


                  Figures you guys are all sweltering in the heat and we're having somewhat cooler weather than usual. Today sure is nice though!


                  Nice 6.6 mile hilly trail run yesterday; legs felt good after a day off. Today I'm going to the gym with DH at lunchtime, then a longer trail run after work. I backed off the double workouts in late May and June, and I realize now it's the best way to get in the best shape for me. I can tell I've been slacking...


                  In a shameless act of self-promotion, here's the link to my 4-marathons-in-4-weeks race report, posted in the Master's forum.


                    Really? Nobody has posted on here all week?? Wow....


                    I ran a race today and scored a 3+ minute PR! The 16.5 mile Gold Discovery Run is a tough race with the first 8 miles on trails, a combination of mining roads, rocky trails, ruts and puddles, and the last half being on chip seal pavement or gravel with lots of hills throughout. Not quite sure how I did it but managed to stay in the top 10, finishing #7 overall for women on a fast day. Weather was good even with the rain last night. Puddles weren't too bad and didn't cause too many detours from the trail. Final time was 2:09:20.

                      wow that's impressive, congratulations!!


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                        Congrats Erika!

                        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.