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    Kimmie, what's your next race? I can't remember if you were doing the full or half at whatever it was, but sounds like you're thinking full?


    I'm getting very frustrated with this ankle. It almost feels like I sprained it, and each day it seems just a little worse. I still have no idea how this happened, which is really weird. Yesterday was gym day with elliptical and weights. Figure if I can't run, I might as well get busy with leg weights which I usually don't do cuz they toast my runs.

      Sorry about the ankle, Erika.


      Nice run, Kim.


      I've been getting some longer runs in, too.  10 on Tuesday and 10 on Thursday.  The Tuesday run had 5 tempo miles, which I was quite happy with.

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        Sorry about the ankle Erika.


        Bugs,  really cute avatar.


        Just short 1/2 mile runs as part of the cross fit warm ups here.


        Mostly just doing crossfit and teaching cycle these days,  but I do lurk in here.

          Bugs,  really cute avatar.



          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

          Happy Camper

            Very nice picture Bugs. 


            Erika:  Hope the ankle is better. 


            Kimmie:  Nice running!


            Hopefully I'm  about over this cold I've had.  Second round of it.  Friday, I did my first treadmill run in over two years.  Wierd.  The hour seemed to last forever.  We had ice on pavement so not much cusion for the screw shoes.  Raced my first race of 2012 this morning.  10k/20k choice.  Jumped into the 20k  option last minute.  Both distances were on the same road route.  Run once for 10k and again for 20k.  I felt really good the first 3-miles.  Last 4-miles made up quite the positive split.  Self-timed 1:39:45 for the race.  It gives me a good benchmark for some 1/2's I'd like to do later in the year.  The first one is coming up in March.  Hope to improve my time to around 1:45 for a 1/2.   I'm still fighting leg issues running hard distances over 10-miles.   I had a two-mile warm up and thought I was ready to go.  Tightening and pain started at the 15k turnaround.  The hamstring on my right leg tightened and then the right quad started to hurt.  Left  hip flexer was the next to start complaining. 

            I'm just like an old, out of aligned car that starts to vibrate at certain speeds, I guess.    

            Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


              Thanks for the Avatar comments, I'm fatter but with better hair these days.


              It is 45F here today. At the gym a friend was going out for a run and she was dressed naked for January. Ugh, as my PF continues to act up I had a hard time not feeling jealous. I'm breaking down, and going back for some therapy. But injury doesn't give me a pass to do nothing, and I'm staying very busy.


              Master Swim has just started, and the workouts feel long because I had not kept swimming during holidays . Based on current workout assignments I think he plans to make us swim long and hard.  I'm also in a kettle bells class, which now that I'm in it, I don't recommend because it is easy to get injured, and not worth it IMO.


              Erika, sorry about ankle. keep icing it. 


              Murphy, hope the kids are feeling better. It'll get easier as the kids get bigger, but enjoy the little ones now, they don't cuddle as much as they grow up.


                Bugs, I know exactly what you mean about being jealous (envious?) of those going out for a run. In the masters forum, everyone is doing these wonderful 11 to 18 mile runs in shorts (!!!!!) and I'm stuck on the ellpitical or stationary bike. I've tried some running strides, and they don't hurt, but I know this is a compounding thing where the longer I go, the more damage I might do and the more I feel it. So... even though the ankle has been feeling good today, I hit the gym with DH and DS1 tonight and did the elliptical and a really good weight workout. 


                I was thinking I'd try a 3 mile test run tomorrow... but I'll ice my ankle tonight. Last time I had tendinitis (which I think this is) I took the first 15 days of January off, and started up slowly. I was thinking a week or two (at the most) for this... then start up slowly. 


                  Hi all-


                  I'm running a half on the 29th of January and then a full on the 17th of March.    I've already gotten behind in training again, but I will just keep plugging forward.


                  Sounds like you (Erika) and Bugs have the right attitude.    Just keep on keeping on.  Smile


                    Sorry about your PF  Bugs.   I had that last year,  and it hurt.  Kept me from running for several months.


                    I did find that standing on a lacrosse ball or golf ball and rolling it over the sole of my foot helped somewhat.   But maybe it was just time that healed it as well.


                    We use kettlebells at Crossfit every couple of weeks.  but only for about 10 minutes and then on to something else.


                    Crossfit has made me a lot faster,  but I have zippity do dah for endurance now.  And it seems like 

                    I either have time and energy  for  running or cycling or  crossfit,  but only once per day.   I cant seem to do one

                    and keep up with what I need to do for the others.

                      Got 10 miles in last night (8 running) 2 walking, or somewhere around there. hit the trail late at night and couldnt see the markers for the most part. Thats why I went 10 instead of 8- No Garmin and I missed the 4 mile out mark and intended to run to the next marker (they are every 10th mile) and didnt see any until the trail ended 5 miles out.


                      Feeling it today--had new shoes and bad sock my sole is sore--and have some chafing and sore shins..But not too bad considering.


                      Taking today off--or may just do a couple recovery miles later tonight. Goal is to get to 30 miles this week. I pla to get in some good runs Sat/Sun.


                      Kimmie-Was checking the mileage logs--and you are really putting in some good miles. Im sure youll do well in your half.


                      Erika--hope you are feeling better

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                        Running on the trails in the dark? Sounds pretty brave.


                        Kim, I know a couple people running the cloud half - I'm guessing you're hitting it too? Hope you have a good time.


                        We're directing our trail series again. Got 20 people this morning, even with cold & rain.


                        Our timers tried to use the new machine we have, but couldn't get it to work, so they fell back to the printing stopwatch they'd started as backup. But its paper wasn't printing, so they figured the times would have be taken out of it manually afterward. Then after we got back home, we found its screen had died. Moment of panic. Then using the manual, I got it to execute a PRINT ALL command, and happily I'd cleared all other data out of it before the race, so it only printed our race -- and I just kept tugging on the paper the whole time (b/c the paper advance wasn't really working), so we got our results. That will be the last race for that printing stopwatch Smile

                        It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                          Thanks Murphy!


                          Hi Perry!  Yes, running the cloud half-   my first time running that race and I have friends who love it.


                          This past weekend was just OK -  I need Yaktrax for when it's icy.  I think I would get some if I lived further north.  But, Sunday, we ventured out in the ice and I slipped and it just wasn't fun.  So, a planned 14 miler turned into a 10 miler.


                          Yesterday and today; nice weather and easy runs of 5 miles each.


                          Hope your ankle is feeling better, Erika.

                            Thanks, Kimmie, it is feeling better. I ran 4.2 on the TM last night and it seems ok. Not perfect, but much better. I think I can ease back into running gradually by keeping it easy and short. Not great for marathon training, but better than nothing. I hope to get at leat 6 weeks of quality training in, about a third of a regular full training cycle, to be ready for Boston. Definitely not a PR effort, but I should be able to go the distance and enjoy the race. (which, that's what it really should be all about, right?)


                            Still cold here, and no change in the near forecast either. Rats.

                            On the road again...

                              I've been very hesitant to post here until I felt like I was actually running. Wink


                              I continued to struggle with any consistent running in the last half of 2011, but tried to just plug away at it.  Still, my fitness went bye-bye in a hurry.  I did run a half earlier this month (I'm using the word run loosely) and finished, but a whopping 32 minutes slower than what I ran in DC last March.  That hurt.


                              I did a local run this morning called the Idiot Run.  It's appropriately named because it's a 19+ mile run that includes going to the top of a local mountain.  Not sure how to make the elevation profile will show up here, but here's the link to it.


                              Hope all is well with everyone.  I'm registered for a marathon on March 10 and I think at this point my only hope is to run/walk it. We'll see.


                              Thanks for not kicking my butt out! 



                              I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                                Well Paul, if you haven't run for awhile, there's nothing like tackling a monster of a course right off the bat, I always say. That's an impressive profile, that's for sure! Glad to hear you're trying to get back to it. I know what you mean about the fitness leaving in a hurry; after White Rock I took most of December pretty easy with not much running. Even with going to the gym most days it just wasn't enough to keep me in shape. 


                                Ankle feels much better. I'd say probably about 95% which is about as good as anything gets these days. My training has been pretty much non-existent, and even with running a bit more I just feel like a slacker. We're also having one of the coldest January's on record, certainly in the top (low?) 5. Our pipes are frozen now too... great. Just another hurdle for us to get over, I guess.