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    Ok, this is pathetic when the farthest West Coast person has to start the thread! Where the heck is Mr. Inertia?? Sounds like everyone had a really good weekend and a lot of good running (and walking, in Lou's case).


    Bugs, that was a great time given your conditioning and injuries leading up to the race. And with the hot conditions, you've got nothing to feel humbled about. I heard a lot of people were way off goal at Grandma's. Good for you, and glad you got some of the treats of not pushing the pace... like the beer from the frat guys.


    Dave, did you ever get out of the airport?? T. U.... hahah.


    Lou, I still can't get over how fast you're able to walk... but glad you dropped the weights. Walking (or running) with hand or ankle weights can be very hard on the joints. Why not a weighted vest or something instead?


    Perry, amazing amount of racing you've done. I think you earned the right to be the grumbling, dragging husband on that run with your DW. But I'm also glad she made you stick with it. But... sounds like you've got to work on recovery a bit. Ice water is fine, but your DW is right, you needed something a little more substantial in you. Hope you've got an easy week planed this week.


    I ran my 10k on Saturday night... and got the exact same time as last year, 48:07. Weird, huh? I had said I'd be happy with anything under 50, and ecstatic with anything under 48. So... I guess I'm very happy but not ecstatic. I had one of those "if I'd only known" races. If I'd only known I was 8 seconds away from a sub-48, I'd have pushed a bit harder that last mile! But truth be told, I didn't have much kick left in me. Jogged back on the course 1.1 miles to find DH, who was walk/jogging with a friend, and we did that all the way back (but no, I didn't cross the line again!) so got a 2.2 mile cool down.


    Sunday was cool and damp in the morning after rain all night. We sure needed that, but it didn't make me real excited about a long run. I had 10 on the schedule, but didn't want to do it. Sun came out by noon and dried things up pretty well, so I went out around 3 to see how far I'd get. The answer was: 8 miles, then I had DS1 come get me. Just couldn't face the last 2 miles up the hill to home. Legs were tired, you'd think I'd raced the night before or something!! So, I had 35.5 miles for the week which is just fine the week before the marathon.


      Erika,  good job on your 10k.   You were almost ecstatic.


      Bugs, that was a fine time given the conditions.


      Kimmie,  set the bike to what ever feels right to you.  Have you ever run on a treadmill at a favorite pace, and the next time gotten on another machine  set at exactly the same pace, and it felt harder or easier than the first machine?   Gym bikes are the same way.  Even though they are the same make and model,  the calibration can be different for each machine.


      13 miles yesterday.  First half down hill with 9 mile wind at my back.  Heaven.   Coming back kinda sucked, but knew that, as soon as I started.   Going the other way,  dead ends after 4 miles and would have to breathe all the smoke from the beach bar b que pits.


      Lou, that is freaking fast walking.


      Perry  18 min 5k.  You s*ck ( Translation,  I am jealous,  and I like you anway)

      Happy Camper

        Nice 10k Erika! Good running for the week!


        Bugs:  Congratulations on the Marathon.  You gain something from each one.  Don't let it get you down.  My two last year was on a shade under 4 hours and the second one a shade under 5-hours.  It happens. 


        Home early today.   The fan on the outside AC unit quit working.  It's 91o and rising now.  We got lucky and it was just the capacitor that went bad, not the fan motor or compressor.  Got it replaced and didn't break the bank doing it.  Get those units checked out this year.  Beginning next year the coolant is no longer available.  R-410a will be the only coolant available and it will take $$$ to convert your unit. 


        Had good news from the Dr.  My sciatica doesn't appear to her to be caused by an injured disk.  She thinks the piriformis is inflamed and  pushing the sciatic nerve into the pelvic bone.  Got an RX for Cadista again and will go back for PT to treat the muscle.  I have my second Chiropratic treatment this afternoon.  Since my deductable is met for the year and we still have Cafeteria plan money to spend, I'm going to give this injury the full court press and hope to get over it soon.  Don't want to give up that September marathon or November 100 just yet. 


        2,600 yds in the pool this morning. 

        Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.


          Very nice racing Erika and thanks for getting us started this morning.  I did finally make it home but it was after dinner on Saturday by the time the plane finally left and the storms had cleared.

          I will admit that I'm going to be scarce this week.  Packing our bags tonight for the big move.  Movers come tomorrow and then we spend the rest of the week with the packing and loading.  May not even try to run but we'll see.

          Gout is almost gone.  Still some lingering soreness that reinforces my desire not to run .

          I wonder how Bugs is doing after the race this weekend.  Sounded like it was just awful with the heat.

          I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.

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            I'm impressed both by how fast Lou can walk, and by how much swimming p2r can rack up.


            Wife had mara training plan run to do today, so with 95F and sunny, we went out to do her 2mi MP, 4mi of tempo (with jogs in-between), and 2mi MP run. I was very tired afterward, but on the plus side, we hit the Rita's Italian water ice afterward. Yum.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              Oops, I was stuck on last week again.  No wonder nobody was posting.

              Perry - 18min 5K is amazing.  

              p2r - 2600yards sounds far.  Just curous how did your doctor figure out what the sciatica issue is likely to be -- did you have an MRI or is it something about where the pain is or how it reacts to some manipulation?

              Erika, nice 10K

              Dave - glad your feeling better.  Moving stinks -- I bet you'll be glad to be settled once again.

              Hi, Cash, Pam!

              My back issues seems pretty random.  I go between wondering if I'm pushing it too much by walking so fast, or if running vs. walking vs. resting doesn't make any difference at all.  Yesterday I rested and at the end of the day at work it was as bad as it's been.  So far no discernable relief from the shot, but like I say it seems pretty random.  I'll get at least one more in a couple of weeks -- I think the series is three shots.

              Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

              Happy Camper

                Lou:  For my exam the Dr. just had me lay on my back and moved my leg around and poked and pressed in different spots.  The movements were'nt causing pain around the spine or tail bone.  I had no pain on the side of the leg so she rulled out bursitis.  I could just feel a good pull on the piriformis so she didn't think an mri was necessary until after we tried the steroid and the PT.  I had bulging disks that were confirmed by an mri 2 years ago and it feels different  this time.  No back pain and more problems working the leg and hip.  It's been frustrating.  I've had improvement since May, it's just been inconsistant.  I'll have better days with it and then it will just flare up again causing me to limp, drag the foot and feel the pain.  I'm going to do a short run  this morning followed by swimming.  DW and I went to the running clubs annual dinner last night.  There are some good races coming up this fall and I don't want too miss out on them.  The 2600 yds took me a 61 minutes to do.  I think I get more work out of a good 6 to 7-mile run.

                Determination: The feeling you get right before you try something incredibly stupid.

                  FWIW, my back doesn't hurt at all either.  But I am sure your doc knows what she's doing.

                  5.0 miles, 59:01, 11:46/mi, AHR 131 (67% MHR)

                  Beautiful day -- can't wait to start running again.

                  Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                    HI guys!


                    Nice racing Perry and Erika!


                    Hope all are doing well! DD may have strep throat. I found out her best friend had it last week (and half the neighborhood). I was feeling like crap yesterday but feeling better today. If dd isn't feeling better by tomorrow we'll have to get her into the doctor (no insurance) Hoping to get a run in tonight. Oh and Kallie is eating like there is no tomorrow! Looks like the prednisone is doing wonders in making her feel better

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                      That prednisone is wonderful stuff, I tell ya. My doc gave me a prescription to fill to have on hand if I have a bad setback. He lectured me on definition of "bad setback" so I wouldn't use it indiscriminately.


                        thanks for the input.  I need to push myself more next time.

                        Pam- I hope it's not strep!!   And glad Kallie is feeling better.  hope you were able to get a run in tonight.

                        Bryan- sounds like you're getting good treatment from your doctors.  Hope you get this injury nipped in the bud quickly.

                        Lou- I can tell you're anxious to get back out there, but good for you on sticking to the plan... patience is key.

                        Dave- hang in there with packing and moving... sorry we weren't able to do a last Team Blister group run.  We'll have to attempt another one soon- or a goal race or something.

                        who wants to come run Steamtown with me and Pam?  Smile  

                        Well, my butt hurts.  I think it's just sore, not injured... way, way, too many lunges on Saturday and then running this tough hilly route on Sunday.  I just took yesterday off and the did the cycle class and then tonight, ran REALLY EASY with my running group.  That was actually hard to do, as the people I normally run with passed me up.  But, I met a kid who is new to our group- a college kid who is trying to get in to shape for tennis.  He was nice and really thankful that I stayed with him.  he had never run that far before and I was glad to have helped him in some small way.

                        OK, hopefully, rolling it out, and tons of stretching will do the trick.  I do NOT want to go to massage therapist for my butt.  Smile

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                          re: steamtown


                          I just looked it up and admired its website. 50 port-a-potties at the start line -- very nice Smile


                          It's the day after Baltimore, which is to be Crystal's first mara -- so I don't think she'll go for her second one on the following day Smile

                          It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                            You know how when you are new to running and it sucks more than it feels good? That is the way this P90X feels, I'm just so weak in my upper body i can't do some of the exercises.


                            My legs have been really sore. I've been using the stick with them all day long trying to keep any scar tissue from building up. During the marathon I had stiffness behind the knees at the start, and then my quad started to hurt miles 4-9. I thought I would have to drop out so i didn't do my normal nutrition for such a hot day. There is an art to getting through hot races like that. My legs held up better/longer than I thought they would though. I spent a ton of time in the water stops but was probably just as well. I admit I was emotional miles 15 and when I crossed the finish disappointed not in the race, (I kind of think I had no business running it), but in getting injured and all the other drama. They played Toby Keith's (Not) As Good as I Once Was as crossed the finishline, very appropriate since I ran 42 minutes slower than two years ago. :0


                            Erika - Awesome 10K.


                            P2R - I'm so sorry. Hang in there. We'll get it back.


                            Lou - Do you have a count down of days walking left?


                            Kim - stretch that tush.  Other details... my friend puked and then got puked on. Lucky there were lots of people spraying water and she was able to wash it off.  A local Mankato girl is an elite and she was passed out in the ditch by mile 9.  My doc stopped to help her, he ran a slow 3:20 instead of his normal 2:58.  I passed four elite runners that were walking and decided to save it for another day.


                            Pam - Thought of how you went out and ran so much the week after the marathon, then ultra, then another marathon. Yikes, my legs don't have an easy run in them yet.


                              I dunno Kimmie... the right massage therapist for your butt might be just the thing??

                              Bugs, give your recovery time. That was a brutal race, even at the pace you did it in. The fact that you finished is a huge accomplishment, but don't underestimate the effort just because of the time.

                              4.5 miles at lunch, sorta easy pace (just under 8:50). Almost didn't go because it looked so dark, windy and "almost rain" out there... but it was nice enough and I still worked up a good sweat. The trail I run is pretty protected from the wind so it feels warmer. As soon as I got back to my desk it started raining, and it's still pouring at almost 9 pm so I'm glad I went when I did! We really need the rain, but it's always a mess.

                              I can't believe we leave for Seattle early Thursday morning!!

                                Wow, another marathon Erika.  Say hi to everyone in Seattle for me.

                                Bugs - yes I'm counting the days.  4 more, assuming all goes well.  I don't really know that not running has helped any, so I'll try to run next week and see if it hurts.

                                4.0 miles, 47:17, 11:42/mi, AHR 133 (68% MHR)

                                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |