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April 2012... Boston month! (Read 591 times)

    Woohoo! I'm so glad March is behind us! What an awful month for us temperature-wise. This first week of April will still be cold, but then it should start warming up... finally! Got two weeks to Boston and it's taper-city all the way. Smile


      So excited for you Erika! Are you meeting up with a big group?


        Well Lou and Harriet won't be there, which is a bummer, but yes meeting up with many other friends, both runners and non. I look forward to that part of it almost as much as (more than?) the race itself! But Boston is also one of my favorite courses, so it's all good.


        We're finally getting some warm (as in, over 40°Wink temperatures, and I'm loving that! This snow can't go away fast enough, IMO.


          Oh wow you still have snow. It has been in the 40s here in the early morning and am anxious for 50s.


            Yeah we are feeling a little left out of all the Boston activities.  But we had decided to skip this year in any case, so no matter that I haven't qualified (Harriet has, though).  I get an extra 5 minutes by aging up for 2013, so we'll see how it goes April 28 (Country Music Marathon in Nashville).


            We have been in Puerto Rico for the last week, and I have to say it is hard to run in this heat and humidity.  Being on vacation, we have chosen to take it easy, longest run being 8 miles.  We went to our nephew's destination wedding, which was on the beach and beautiful, but it was too bad that more of the family couldn't come this far.


            We are on a little cove, and today with everyone back at work and school, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.  It's cool to see the waves crashing over the rocky perimeter:


            As beautiful as it is here, I have to say we are looking forward to getting back home, and establishing our new life rhythm.

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |



              Very nice of you to travel that far to Nephew's wedding. Those pictures are great.



              I will be tracking you at Boston. You will do great.


              A rehab PR for me, 3 miles. The physical therapist has me doing core work almost each day, and glute exercises everyday. I am feeling stronger and more optimistic. The Chi Running classes helped a great deal, so much less stress on my calves.



                Good Luck Erika! Are you in Boston yet?

                Headed out for a short run now. The orthotics are doing wonders for me.


                  Hey, Bugs.  Thanks for the kudos on the pictures.


                  I went the other way with my shoes -- got some Brooks PureFlow and got rid of my superfeet.  So far so good.   They feel like running in slippers.  Well not quite, but in comparison to my old Mizunos...


                  Nashville coming up two weeks from today.  

                  Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |


                    I run in super feet now. Go to PT, running injury specialist Tuesday, suppose to bring all my shoes, try to figure out what to wear. My feet have her completely stumped, lots of issues.


                    A good week for me, feeling better. First weekend I have not ached like an old woman. On my way back. 

                    Sure do huff and puff when I run. 


                    Go Erika! 


                      I'd like to try those PureFlows. So far, everything I've heard sounds like I'd like them.


                      Was in Orlando for a conference from Wednesday thru Friday, came to Boston on Saturday and hit the Expo. Did the master's party today at Lir, across from where the Expos used to be held. (I do like the current location because it's easy to hit it right after the airport. Then to our hotel. Then dinner with friends (glad we rented a car). Today we went to the Master's get together at Lir, Then to dinner with a couple of friends who are volunteering at the start (gotta try Pasta Beach, it's awesome!). Then back to our hotel. A full day, no running, but plenty of time with friends and time to get ready for tomorrow.


                      I'll miss Boston next year (and the next several years) because of the camaraderie. I will not miss the training through the winter. That really sucked this year.

                        Good luck today, Erika!

                        Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                          'twas a tough one, certainly a test of heat tolerance rather than fitness.  3:54:somethin'

                            hope everyone is doing well.


                            I started my training for Northcoast 24 this week. The race is next weekend Big grin

                              Geez, Murphy, what's the rush? Hope you do ok. You seem to do some of these things amazingly well on very little training. Or too much taper.


                              Gen, I forgot you were doing Boston! We should've tried to meet up. We had a group get together in town on Sunday afternoon, but other than that we stayed out of Boston for the most part. Stayed out in Waltham, center of nowhere. 


                              Boston was sooo hot for this northern girl! I swear I almost melted. I was sweating buckets in the starting corrals! Still, managed to slow it down, grabbing all the ice that was offered and stuffing it down my sports bra and rubbing it on the inside of my arms. Did a lot of walking at the end, and hit every hose and sprinkler I could. 4:04:15, and I was the 4th Alaskan woman to cross the line, and 104 in my AG. I'll take it.


                              Since Boston I've been running just what I feel like, usually around 5-6 miles most days. Might bump a "long run" up to 10-12 this weekend, but who knows. I do have a 5k on May 5, so maybe I'll try some speed work or striders to see how that feels. Our weather has been awesome lately, highs in the mid-50's, sunny mornings, maybe some sprinkles in the afternoon.

                                Thanks Erika! I always kick myself for not getting more training in. With the kids, its even harder. I think I have a good plan, and am very confident that I can get at least 80 miles.


                                Great job at Boston. Its always hard in the heat--and I imagine especially hard coming from the cold climate.