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Hartford Marathon/Half Marathon (Read 354 times)

    All signed up for the Hartford Half Marathon oct 11th along with my sister Mrs Hub. Anyone else going to be there? This will be my first time running a half and my first time running in hartford.. Cant Wait!

    My legs are killing me

      I'll be there running the 1/2 also. My teen son's are doing the 5k and my 6 & 7 year old are doing the kids run. So it will be a family affair.
        I am planning on running the 1/2 too, I've done the full twice and the 1/2 twice, IMO it's a nice run with a few hills near the end, but still a good race. If the weather holds the start is usally cold and everyone is overdressed, or freezing. I normally buy a cheep pair of gloves, hat and choose a long sleeve shirt to sacrifice. About 2-3 miles into the race and as the sun heats the air up I take off the hat, shirt and finally the gloves. In typical New England fashon the temerature can change by 15 degrees from the start to finish. If you feel comfortable at the start of the race you pobably will have too much clothing on and will either have to cary it or toss it. Just some advice from my previous runs, I go for the stay warm and wear old shirts that are a bit long in the tooth and disposible hat and gloves plan. I ran it once in the rain. I really don't have too much advise to give on that one. You just have to suck it up and run. Good luck to all!!! Karl
          Can't wait. Doing the half. Feel stronger then ever. Gunning for 1:35.

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            I never signed up Sad I really should have, but hopefully next year I'll be doing the half with you all!
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              Can't wait. Doing the half. Feel stronger then ever. Gunning for 1:35.
              damn thats pretty good!... Ill be in nearly another hour after you

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                Hi All.


                I did the 5K ING Hartford in 2012. That is where my running really got into my veins. I had only done one race prior (2 months earlier) and I thought I was doing pretty good. I completed my first 5K with some walking for a time of 35 min. I completed the ING 5K with 31 min. Now that its 2013, I have already signed up for my first 26.2 - Its an aggressive goal, but Im getting there. I ran 13.75 today. Since I am a pretty beginer runner I didnt think of this until it was almost too late. I was planning on doing the 26.2 in Hartford, but family is going on Vacation end of Sept / early Oct. I dont want to come off vacation and try to do a FM. So, I think I will sign up for the HM.


                In 2012, I saw the "bling" (completion medals) and I said to my friends, "next year, Im getting one of those". It is good to see some people from CT on here. One last thing, this ING Hartford Marathon was the first race I had been to of this size. Its a great experience to be around so many positive people. Also, the volunteers had great organization, and there are so many local restaurants, I had a nice lunch with my friends after having a couple beers after the finish.


                For anyone who has not done the ING Hartford 5K, HM or FM, I highly recommend it.

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