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    What are your upcomming race plans?
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      Hey! It's been a while since there's been activity in this group. How's everyone's winter training going? My two major planned events are the Danbury Half Marathon on 4/5 and the Vermont City Marathon on 5/24. I like Danbury a lot because somehow I PRed there even though it's pretty hilly. Must be because it's so close to home for me. Anyone have anyting else in April?
      2010 Goals: Danbury Half Marathon: <1:42:00; boston="" run="" to="" remember:=""></1:42:00;><1:42:00; nyc="" marathon:=""></1:42:00;><3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash! finish:="" run="" amuck="" and="" warrior=""></3:45:00; finish: run amuck and warrior dash!>
        Im going to race the 5k in danbury. My computer wont load the course map. Im hoping to run the course beforehand. I was origionaly going to run the half but winter has kept me from alot of needed running. Im hoping to run a race in vermont... Perhaps the maple leaf half in manchester this fall

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          Boston Blowout 30K on 3/29 - as a training run, mainly, then the Eco Husky 5000 at Storrs April 5th, and possibly the Derby Greenway 5K April 25th. After that I have the New Jersey Marathon on 5/3 in Long Branch, then a few weeks of recovery before summer racing starts.

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            I was going to do the Danbury 1/2 on April 5 but decided to try the Brian's Beachside Boogie Duathlon in Madison. I want to do it last year but ran Danbury instead. It seems like a fun race and I want to keep things fun before I start training for the MCM. After that I might try the Shamrock duathlon and probably the Ironhorse half. Tis the season and there is a lot of good stuff coming up.
              Running the minuteman 5k or 10k at compo beach in westport i belive on april 26th.

                anyone doing the Glastonbury River Run 5k this Sunday April 26th? should be in the 80s at race time Surprised